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It's Christmas 1817 and the Duke of Danby is matchmaking again!
Spend the holidays in Yorkshire with freshly fallen snow, Yuletide balls and mistletoe kisses.

The Duke's Mistletoe Madness includes:

Miss Leah Whitton is feeling quite morose as the holidays approach this year. Her sister has flown the coop, now happily wed, and the man Leah’s been pining for since she was a young girl doesn’t even know she’s alive. Not that it would matter. Her mother and sister have always made it quite clear that Leah is lacking in manners and etiquette. Still, if Christmas wishes really did come true, Lord Halesworth is who she would wish for. * Jonathan Yeardley, Earl of Halesworth, may have a wealth of charm and good looks, but he hasn’t a penny to his name. With his estate in shambles, he isn’t quite certain what he’s going to do. But a mysterious invitation to the Duke of Danby’s Yule Ball has him wondering if perhaps his Christmas might be merry after all.

Elizabeth, Dowager Countess of Townson has found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Or so she thinks!)* Thomas Daltry, has found himself at the right place at the right time. (Only he doesn’t know it!) * The only thing this pair thinks they know is: all gentlemen, save Elizabeth’s son and brother are depraved; and all ladies are contemptuous. * Perhaps all that that needed is one chance encounter, sending two jaded people to spend three days with Danby will result in their own happily forever more?

Still reeling from her major disappointment of the past Season in London, Lady Barbara Graves panics when she receives her summons to spend Christmas with her notorious matchmaking great-uncle The Duke of Danby. She’d expected Lord Aaron Harlow to propose to her before the end of the season, but he went off to India without a word. Having asked her brother to write Lord Aaron, she’s certain he’ll arrive in time to save her from marrying whatever dupe her uncle has chosen for her. * Theo Jardine is an investing genius whom Danby admires, although he’s the youngest grandson of an earl and never likely to inherit. He accepts the duke’s invitation to visit Danby Castle but plans to spend the holidays with his own family. When he realizes there’s matchmaking going on—and he’s a target—he tries to leave, but Danby dangles a carrot in front of him: an offer to front the entire scheme. * Theo isn’t Aaron, but Barbara’s attraction grows the more time she spends with him at the castle. Then she discovers her uncle is bribing Theo to marry her. Will she ever find true love with a man who loves her in return?

October 23
Night Shift Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Deiatra Dee ,

Aahh, the Duke of Danby is at it again and not everyone is happy about it.

Aahh, the Duke of Danby is at it again and not everyone is happy about it.

Lord Halesworth’s Happy Holiday by Jerrica Knight-Catania

The Whitton family – always happy to visit them. And what a visit this is going to be. Fabulous tale by Jerrica Knight-Catania of a young woman with low self esteem and a young man trying to rebuild his future. Of course, the Duke of Danby has his fingers in to stir some magic.

I’ll be Yours for Christmas by Rose Gordon

Two jaded people and the Duke of Danby. What could possibly come of spending time at Danby Castle? Well, when it involves a member of the Towson and Banks family, the Duke of Danby, and Rose Gordon you get an entertaining story.

No Mistletoe Required by Aileen Fish

What a tale Aileen Fish weaves with Lady Barbara Graves pining for her missing love and a man the Duke of Danby admires (imagine that). Maybe Barbara will find her happily ever after after all or does the Duke of Danby go to far this time?

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