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Verity Beaumont has suffered domineering men most of her life, first with her father and then with her husband. Free from both men, she has finally found peace. Even meeting a kind and hard-working gentleman who just might be the perfect father her young son so desperately needs. But as she dares look to the future, her carefully ordered world is shattered when her dead husband returns.

After six years away, Rufus Beaumont, Duke of Blackburn, returns to claim his place and protect his family. Only, the life he finds is not the life he left, and he must convince his wife that their marriage is worth fighting for, that he’s not the man he was. When the truth about what happened to him leaks out, he must prove that not everything about him, especially his love for her, is a lie.

May 29
Darcy Burke Publishing
Darcy Burke

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Cheryl33610 ,

Favorite heroine of the series

Verity, the Duchess of Blackburn, is just about to begin her life again, as her long-missing husband is about to be declared legally dead. But we all know what the means...he miraculously is actually alive! Or is he? Rufus comes back a changed man, which is a very good thing, because he wasn't a very nice (an understatement!) before his "death". He's kind and loving, and quickly bonds with the son he didn't know about.
But can his duchess trust these changes, to open herself up to this man, despite a painful emotional and physical past? I very much liked her slow approach in dealing with Rufus and her loving way with Beau. I think Verity is my favorite of Burke's heroines in the series.
I loved the pacing and the lack of drawn out drama between the leads. I was so glad to see Simon and Diana (Verity's cousin) have an extended role in this book, too, as I loved their story in book eight. Yet another outstanding read from Darcy Burke.

reader081 ,

Another winner

Darcy Burke never fails to provide a “different “ take on regency romance books. She defines and expands her characters and leaves you wanting more! A great read!

Jadeite24 ,

The Truth Will Win Out

Verity Beaumont, who we met in Duke of Ruin, is counting down the days until her missing husband can be declared legally dead. Six and a half years ago he went to London and no one has seen or heard from him since. Verity has raised their son, Beau, in the peace that has enveloped Beaumont Tower since his disappearance.

Rufus Beaumont has returned to find his home in negligent disrepair, a son he didn’t know he had, and a skittish wife. After being gone for so long, it is widely remarked that he is much changed. But then, he isn’t Rufus Beaumont at all.

The ninth book in the Untouchable series is magnificent. It is full of mystery, embezzlement, murder and intrigue. There is so much going on in this book but to discuss the details would spoil the story. I love that the Untouchables have all banded together as friends and they come to the aid of one another in their darkest hours. I was a bit disappointed that everything was wrapped up so quickly and neatly at the end. It was such a good read that I didn’t want it to end.

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