The Duke's Accidental Wife The Duke's Accidental Wife
Book 7 - Dukes of War

The Duke's Accidental Wife

A Regency Romance

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Publisher Description

An enemies-to-lovers, marriage-of-inconvenience romance from a New York Times bestselling author: 

Miss Katherine Ross is a wealthy, eccentric socialite who knows precisely what she wants: No husband. No children. No candlelit tête-à-tête with the insufferably emotionless Duke of Ravenwood. She's convinced his heart is ice — until she touches that chiseled chest for herself. One lapse in judgment is all it takes to turn both their lives topsy-turvy...

The Duke of Ravenwood isn't cold and haughty, but a secret romantic who has always dreamt of marrying for love. Instead, he gets Miss Katherine Ross — a headstrong hoyden intent on unraveling his carefully ordered world. He doesn't know whether to kiss her or throttle her. Can they survive each other's company long enough to turn a compromise into love?

March 1
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Customer Reviews

Deiatra Dee ,

The Duke's Accidental Wife

Erica Ridley’s The Duke’s Accidental Wife is the seventh and final book in her Dukes of War series.
Four left for war. One stayed home. The battle is just beginning…
Lawrence Pembrook, Duke of Ravenwood, dislikes crowds. What an understatement – he despises crowds. A fact that has him rarely attending ton functions and when he does he avoids interacting with anyone as much as possible. A trait that has earned him the nickname “Frost King” by one beautiful hoyden. He’s a man very aware of his responsibilities and takes his duties very seriously but his greatest desire is to be treated as a man, not a title.
Miss Katherine (Kate) Ross is dreadfully afraid of marriage. Marriage equates to the loss of freedom plus her knowledge that she and her babe could die during childbirth have fueled her desire to remain a spinster. A state she has worked hard to accomplish. Being unwed has allowed her freedom to open her beloved antiquities museum and associate with members of the arts and theatre crowd.
Ambushed by his sister, the wife of a dear friend and the one woman he cannot abide, Miss Katherine Ross, Ravenwood reluctantly agrees to appear at a charity art function/soiree to be hosted at Kate’s museum. He knows his appearance will attract a large crowd thereby ensuring large donations for the charity. The event is indeed a huge success. Feeling the need to find a little peace away from the crowd, Ravenwood retreats into the inner part of the museum. Having Ravenwood ignore her after making eye contact has piqued Kate’s ire. Being ignored by the “Frost King” at her own event just will not do and she goes in search of him. Finding him at the entrance to her storeroom a battle of words ensues. Thinking she has the last word she invites him “into her lair” – knowing he will not follow. Ravenwood startles her twice – first when he does follow her into the small space and again when he speaks then and reaches to help her retrieve a wooden box on a high shelf. This attempt to help her sets off a series of events that will alter both their lives.
An addled aunt, secrets and fears, duty and passion, and of all things a puppy help bring life to Ravenwood’s world. Secrets and fears, passion and compassion and most of all the desire to prove her worth are what drive Kate. They each take little steps to opening up to the other but it takes a near disaster to hit home what means the most to them.
I adore Kate’s enthusiasm in everything she does and her ability to go with the flow, even when things don’t go the way she thinks they should. I loved seeing the ever stoic Ravenwood have a flaw, one that basically controlled his life.
My intentions were to read The Duke’s Accidental Wife over a two night period; however, Ms. Ridley’s writing draws you into a story and engages your emotions – it was read in one night. I found myself wanting to knock sense into both characters while enjoying every minute of their interactions.
My only complaint – this book was not as angst ridden as the previous books in the series; therefore, it seemed to have a slower pace. Overall, it was still an excellent read and I highly recommend it.

dspurplehaze610 ,

Excellent loved it 🥰

I truly loved this couple and story of growing admiration into respect and love.

Lovely 444 ,

The arts and family revealed.

A lovely story, a heart centered tale. If I had a hard copy, it would be put in with the keepers.

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