The Dyslexic Person

What Teachers and Parents Should Know About Dyslexia and Dyscalculia!

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There is hope for dyslexic and dyscalculic people!

Dyslexia or dyscalculia is not a weakness, disturbance, illness or even a disability. Each of these are complex phenomena which can have a negative impact on affected individuals, at times even life-defining. 

Providing your child with help when he or she begins to experience writing, reading, or calculating difficulties will avoid any consequent psychological complications. Understanding and an individualized methodology will ensure success!

Through research in Austria, Switzerland, and the USA, Dr. Astrid Kopp-Duller has made a substantial contribution to the development of pedagogical-didactical methods that enable dyslexic and dyscalculic individuals to learn writing, reading, and calculating satisfactorily.

“Dyslexic and dyscalculic people have an exceptional information-processing ability and an associated exceptional learning capability, which places high requirements on the pedagogical-didactical level of intervention.”

Dr. Astrid Kopp-Duller

The author provides an overview of the following:

- Definitions of writing, reading, and calculating problems

- Genetic and inherited writing, reading, or calculating problems

- The role of sensory perceptions

- The relevance of pedagogical intervention

- The AFS-Method – a milestone in pedagogical research

- Ideas for curricula for dyslexic or dyscalculic individuals

- Computer-supported training

- How parents can help their children

    February 22
    Dyslexia Research Center USA

    Customer Reviews

    Utrecht1011 ,

    Seems to be more of an advertisement.

    The sample looked very interesting with different pages of how a dyslexic person might see text. Therefore I bought the book. First of all, the book has references to "tape recordings" and makes no mention of iPad, etc. it appears it wasn't written in 2012, but many years ago. It probably was recently converted to an iBook format, but without updating!

    However, the rest of the book focuses on two areas: "be nice to a dyslexic person" and teaching reading method. No mention was made of long established reading methods such as Wilson, Linda-Mood Bell, or Orton-Gillingham.

    Very disappointing book.

    Rose W. ,

    From a parent that can now sleep at night

    This is the book I (and I am sure you too) have been looking for! I have already emailed links to this special iPad book to my son’s school's Kindergarten teacher and Special Education department, because that is where I think it will help the most children. Every educator, every parent with an affected child, and certainly anyone with a concern about reading and writing difficulties should read this book.

    CyberMKK ,

    I always wanted to understand the mechanism behind dyslexia.

    As an adult with dyslexia and a computer expert, I always wanted to understand the mechanism behind dyslexia. I could never understand why I scored average to low in multiple-choice tests but scored high in reading comprehension. Why I excelled in natural sciences and math yet was constantly failing in writing in English or foreign language? Dr. Astrid Kopp-Duller’s book is excellent in answering these questions. The first step for treatment is definitely understanding the mechanism! Her book is easy to read and comprehend and is a new approach to the phenomena.

    One particular attractive feature of the book is that it covers many areas of concern: not just the science of dyslexia, but also the techniques for testing and teaching dyslexics, the social and personal implications of dyslexia, policy and administrative implications of dyslexia, effective advocacy for a dyslexic child, misconceptions about dyslexia, and so forth.

    I will recommend this book to all my friends and family because it explains so much. Dr. Kopp-Duller knows her audience and writes with compassion and personal touch. About 20% of all children have some form of dyslexia!

    Thank you for giving this book away for only 99 cent so many people will be able to afford buying it!

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