The E.Q. Revolution: From Emotional Intelligence to Emotional Maturity

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"Don't let your negative emotions and thoughts diminish your quality of life and success, take charge, get motivated, and make your life awesome..."

Within these pages, learn why emotional maturity will become the new social responsibility era, how emotional intelligence is not enough, and why healing, love, and connectedness are the main driving forces behind this next phase in our evolution, and how it all relates to your own personal better life...

Everyone's best life has something to do not only with how they help themselves, but how they help others at the same time. Emotional Intelligence is an important skill, it helps to make more money, have a better lifestyle, improve relationships and have better social skills... But learning how to develop Emotional Maturity, is to add love and kindness to the emotional intelligence you develop, which is key to increasing self-love, and also crucial to make your dreams come true. Emotional Intelligence, or E.Q., is a skill, and Emotional Maturity is emotional growth, a maturing process to becoming the best version of ourselves.

Part of knowing what your dream life can even look like, is related to knowing yourself at a deeper level, which is related to loving yourself fully and unconditionally. And part of that is seeing and feeling yourself, and all of your life, for what it is, and being in full acceptance of it. Healing, overcoming your struggles, defeating your fears, all contribute to growing in self-love, not an easy process, but well worth the effort!

Make your life great, and everything else will follow!

It is part of the message that all great leaders and wise people of our history have shared with us, and is the only true path to loving ourselves more, towards mastery of one's life! And since we can only love others to the same extent as we love ourselves, it is all related to developing not only the best relationship with ourselves, but with others as well.

That is The E.Q. Revolution, mastering ourselves from the inside out and making us, and the world, change with every step each one of us takes on that journey.

Don't wait for anyone to make your desires come to life, find out how to do it yourself, and make it happen!

"Each of us must work for his own improvement, and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity..." – Marie Curie

Health, Mind & Body
November 22
Elaquint Publishing
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