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“Utterly delightful friends-to-lovers story. This is by far the funniest that I've read, and the most adorable too.”

~ Buried Under Romance

James Hargrave, Earl of Arden, urgently needs a wife. He’s resigned himself to a marriage of convenience and has even chosen a bride: Kate Honeycourt, his best friend’s sister.

Kate has been on the shelf for years. Why, then, does she so firmly turn him down? Surely she can’t be holding out for a love match?

But Kate has a proposal of her own: she’ll find James a bride he can fall in love with.

Armed with a list of requirements, Kate sets out to find James the perfect wife. But things don’t progress as either of them expect…

A Regency romance featuring an earl who needs to marry in a hurry, the spinster he turns to for help, and a list that grows…and grows…and grows.

(The Earl’s Dilemma was previously published under the penname Emily May.)

Q & A with the author

Q: How would you describe your writing?

A: Several reviewers have likened my writing to Georgette Heyer, which is the hugest compliment ever. I adore Georgette Heyer! She’s why I write historical romance, and I reread her books over and over. (If you’ve not read The Grand Sophy, please do so!) I’ve also had readers compare my writing to Courtney Milan and Mary Balogh, which are also massive compliments.

Q: Who would like this book? 

A: This book would appeal to readers who like the historical backdrop and humor of Georgette Heyer and the emotion of Mary Balogh or Courtney Milan.

Q: Have you written any other Regency romances?

A: Quite a few! In fact I’ve just started a new Regency romance series, the Baleful Godmother series. The first novel is available for free to anyone who joins my readers’ group. Go to emilylarkin.com and sign up for my newsletter to claim your free copy.

Happy reading!

March 25
Emily Larkin
Emily Gee

Customer Reviews

Nancyb682 ,

As good as any, better than most

Kate and James are older than the debutantes of their day, and each has had time to gain maturity. He has been to war, while she has lost both parents, and lives with her brother, himself a peer and still unwed. Kate, at 7 & 20, is considered “on the shelf”. She has loved her brother’s closest friend James since she was 17. Of course James doesn’t know that she still loves him. The misunderstandings abound and it takes the reader almost to the last page before everything is resolved.
I must say, chapter 6 contains some of the most insightful descriptions I’ve read in the romance genre. I enjoyed this!

Punkachew ,


Who wouldn’t love freckles? Loved how the story played out. Wish it continued ♥️♥️♥️

Dano03 ,

The Earls Dilemma

A pitiful excuse for a storyline.
I wasted my money on this one!

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