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When Nathaniel (Nate) Buford’s brother died, the title of Earl of Roderick passed to him, as did the duty to get an heir, a duty he doesn’t want. Now he must find a lady who suits him among the money-grubbing Ton and marry her, but it is not as easy as he would want. Fate is about to play him another unfair hand, as a moment’s kindness to a lady has him trapped by scandal to a family that is reported to desire money above all else.

Miss Claire Lowell desires marriage to a kind and respectable gentleman who she could love, but one moment might destroy it all. Despite all her protests that the scandalous circumstances were merely an accident, her family forces to accept Lord Roderick’s marriage proposal, and now she is tied to a man who blames her for trapping him into a marriage that neither of them wanted.

Can she convince him she didn't trick him into marriage or will she be confined to the loveless marriage she fears?

May 18
Ruth Ann Nordin
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Eitel19 ,

A great story

I enjoyed this story and the way they used to trap couples into marriage. It was a good love story.

TheSassy1962 ,

Enough with the eye rolls!

I am not joking when I say that someone rolls their eyes every third page. Not only is that a modern day affect, it is also extremely juvenile, disrespectful behavior that would not be tolerated in anyone over the age of twelve. It doesn’t lend to expressing frustration.....please, stop using this affect in your stories unless you are writing a children’s book.

Clare-Bunny ,

Great concept, poor execution

I don’t want to say this book is bad, but I made it halfway through — trying desperately to keep an open mind — but still had to stop and not finish. The writing is fine, the plot is fine, but the characters are rather terrible and immature. We are told — repeatedly — that our heroine is sweet and shy, and yet — repeatedly — she throws fits, tantrums and behaves in a spiteful manner. Our hero behaves no better, acting petty and bullheaded at every turn. He is nothing short of rude and cruel to the heroine, and not in a clever way. He ignores the obvious truth when it cannot be ignored by a real person with half a brain. And the rolling of the eyes! Apparently all these characters do is roll their eyes at each other every five minutes. Seeing that repeated, again and again, when it is not even an accurate behavior for a high-bred lord and a gentlewoman, was a form of torture. This is not cute. It is the behavior of children. And really, the characters in this are all consistently childlike. I think those who enjoy constant fighting and an enemies to lovers trope might enjoy this, but for me, it was just too unbelievable and inconsistent.

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