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The Disturbing Follow-Up To "The Mothman Prophecies"<p>

Is there a single intelligent force behind all religious, occult, and UFO phenomena?

Strange manifestations have haunted humans since prehistoric times. Beams of light, voices from the heavens, the “little people,” gods and devils, ghosts and monsters, and UFOs, have all had a prominent place in our history and legends. In this dark work, John Keel explores these phenomena, and in doing so reveals the shocking truth about our present position and future destiny in the cosmic scheme of things.<p>

Are we pawns in a celestial game?<p>

In the Orient, there is a story told of the seven towers. These citadels, well hidden from mankind, are occupied by groups of Satanists who are chanting the world to ruin. Perhaps this is just a story; perhaps there is some truth behind it. But what if there is yet another tower, a tower not of good or evil but of infinite power? What if all our destinies are controlled by this cosmic force for its own mysterious purposes? And what if UFOs and other paranormal manifestations are merely tools being used to manipulate us and guide us toward the cosmic role we are fated to play? Perhaps, after all, we are not independent beings but are instead the creations and slaves of the eighth tower.


JOHN A. KEEL (March 25, 1930 – July 3, 2009) was an American journalist and influential UFOlogist best known as the author of "The Mothman Prophecies." The least known of his tremendously influential works, "The Eighth Tower" was derived from material left out of "The Mothman Prophecies." Keel’s first book," Jadoo," and his breakthrough UFO book, "Operation Trojan Horse," have also been reprinted by Anomalist Books.

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