The Elephant in the Room has a Paycheck

A fun and socially conscious plan to get you started investing

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Publisher Description

"If you're a first time investor looking to setup a solid financial future, allow David Bressler to take you by the hand and lead you there." -- Nathan Richardson, Former GM of Yahoo! Finance

The Elephant in the Room has a Paycheck is a fun, highly readable guide to building wealth for beginning investors. With David Bressler's help, investors who start this book with as little as $50 could finish it by owning part of a company.

In this book you'll learn:

+ A step-by-step plan to building a secure financial future.

+ How to gain investing confidence even if you have no experience.

+ The healthy financial habits that produce solid long-term results.

+ How to find financial news that's helpful, and tune out the rest.

Through a powerful metaphor that will change your understanding of investing, Bressler helps you create a wealth-building plan that intuitively makes sense, aligns with your social values, and is easy to adopt. Best of all, this program works -- you'll see results in less than three months.

Advance Praise

"Experienced investors tend to forget what it’s like to begin a dividend investing portfolio. David Bressler is different. His book is a practical guide to buying your first shares and learning how to value the income you receive as a shareholder. He also shares how dramatic the results can be, even for people who have never invested before."--BEN REYNOLDS, FOUNDER OF THE SURE DIVIDEND INVESTMENT NEWSLETTER

"Almost half of all women consider themselves less knowledgeable than men when it comes to investing. It’s a perception that can drastically limit their ability to build meaningful wealth. Author David Bressler addresses this lack of confidence head on. He breaks down the obstacles, real or perceived, that can get in the way of successful investing and instead offers a simple four-step strategy. The result is a highly readable guide to confidently building wealth."--FAITH POPCORN, FOUNDER AND CEO, FAITH POPCORN’S BRAINRESERVE

"If you’re a first-time investor looking to set up a solid financial future, allow David Bressler to take you by the hand and lead you there. By masterfully weaving together anecdote and financial insight, Bressler makes his book your ticket to creating financial independence—even if your only plan at the moment is to survive from one paycheck to the next."--NATHAN RICHARDSON, FORMER GM OF YAHOO! FINANCE AND CEO OF TRADEIT


"David Bressler is what I think of as a socially driven financial coach. His book is as much a call to action for a more equal, socially just, and green world as it is an investment guide. He not only maps out how to plan for a solid financial future he talks how about to do it in a way that aligns with your desire to do good. Call it conscious investing. Go ahead and buy Bressler’s book—I don’t see how you can lose."--HAMILTON SOUTHER, TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH AND FOUNDER OF THE WHITE MORPHO INSTITUTE

"David Bressler has a problem with the way most of us learn about personal finance: We don’t. He’s tackled this failure by drawing on innovative approaches to making financial planning both easy to understand and doable. He urges us, for instance, to think of investing as akin to launching a start-up, which makes the whole process way more fun—in case the idea of building wealth isn’t incentive enough!"--BRIAN ROEMMELE, CO-HOST OF AROUND THE COIN PODCAST AND PAYMENTS INDUSTRY VETERAN

"If there’s one book freelancers should read in the next month, it’s The Elephant in the Room Has a Paycheck, by David Bressler. The storytelling in the book alone is worth it, but the financial education that they’ll receive—using a novel paradigm—is what they’ll treasure. Freelancers like the freedom that comes with their work, but they’ll love the freedom that comes with this plan for building their personal wealth. I trust no one more than Bressler to tell this story."--CHRIS LEMA, VP OF PRODUCTS AND INNOVATION, LIQUID WEB

"People are often enthusiastic about money, less so about finances. It takes a special kind of creativity to make the details of finances enjoyable enough that people will want to stick to their plans and reach their goals. David has done just that by creating an investing blueprint that’s approachable and fun without sacrificing results."--ALGIRDAS UNGUVAITIS, CEO AT JUMSOFT (MAKER OF THE MONEY PERSONAL FINANCE APPLICATION)

Business & Personal Finance
December 21
Infinite Probabilities
David Bressler

Customer Reviews

Gad Romann ,

"This book does for investing what Fodor's did for Travel."

In The Elephant in the Room Has a Paycheck, David Bressler explains the errors people make when they are making investment decisions.

Understanding that investors are often more likely to assess losses than looming gains, David digs deep not only to the standard strategies, but to the psychological ones as well. His book provides every investor with new critical tools to increase their odds.

Although we all start our investment journey with a passbook that looks just like a passport, The Elephant in the Room Has a Paycheck, demonstrates how well traveled David’s own passport/passbook is. When it comes to making smart investing decisions, this book does for investing what Fodor’s did for travel.

Gad Romann
Founder, Brandwidth Global/Cofounder, Healthy Context

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