The Empath's Guide to Emotional Survival

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Do you sense or absorb other people's emotions and energy?

Do you feel everything deeply and get overwhelmed easily? If so, you're probably an empath. In The Empath's Guide to Emotional Survival, you'll learn proven, practical techniques from best-selling author and founder of the Empathic Awakening Academy, Tree Franklyn, to help you stay grounded during challenging moments, such as when:
Someone gets in your face or criticizes you and you can't walk awayYou start to get lost in someone else's energyYour body starts shaking from too much emotion/overstimulationEmotions overwhelm you (whether it's yours or other people's)You cry at everything
You'll also learn:
The science behind sensitivity (it's in your DNA)How to feel your emotions without being controlled by themHow to amp up your emotional energy for the entire dayA secret weapon to instantly get rid of any dark emotions you don't want to feelThe Four Stages of Empathic Awakening
During the author's years of working with sensitive souls, empaths and lightworkers, she started noticing a pattern. All of her clients, readers and students fell into one of four stages in their emotional and spiritual growth. She began paying attention to these similarities and noticed that each stage has its own set of languages, stories and beliefs that were recurring patterns for everyone in that stage, no matter what part of the world they're from or what experiences they've had. Because it gave her clients profound breakthroughs, she started using this wisdom more and more in her private teachings and created a roadmap for empaths that provides a blueprint for an empowered, purpose-driven life.

Clarifying these stages has not only helped her personally in her own evolutionary growth, but for those she's shared them with, they've proven to be vital to helping them know with clarity where they are in their own empathic journey and become clear on where they're going. It's given them a clear, structured roadmap to follow and has helped them know why they're here on this dense, vibrating planet of seemingly cruel and insensitive people - what their true purpose is as an empath - and the potential of where they can go and how they can serve.

Health, Mind & Body
August 4
Tree Franklyn
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Customer Reviews

ogtanuni ,


This is great for spiritual awakening && taking the steps to understand yourself better. I was the only child that lived w my parents, I always thought I was a little crazy because I would talk to myself, so you introducing stick girl was very good to my inner thoughts.

Adamiloveyou3000 ,

This book is an amazing ray of light

I read this book and immediately knew exactly that what the Tree describes is exactly how I feel/ felt. Thank you Tree for calling all of us who read- a ray of light :)

Mir187 ,

Great book

Solid read, good evidence. Helpful.

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