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What if you’re among the 1 in 20 people born as an empath? Then you’re ridiculously sensitive, far more sensitive than most. Have you heard of Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs)? Well, you’re more sensitive than 3 out of 4 of them.

That’s right. As an empath, you’re 1 in 4 among HSPs. You’re a Highly, Highly Sensitive Person. Like sensitivity royalty, you’re so very sensitive, every day of your life, for life.

How great is that!

Only maybe you’ve noticed a downside. Like how that much sensitivity can make you vulnerable. But what are you going to do about that?

Try and toughen yourself up? Can’t work!
Practice running away from scary energy vampires? Let’s get real. They don’t exist.

So who believes that certain people are secretly vampires who can drain your energies? Maybe empaths whose fears have run amok. And definitely empaths who aren’t yet using their power. Every empath needs to develop strength to support your magnificent sensitivity.

Discover how powerful you can become. Downright EMPOWERED!

This quick & easy book will fast-track you to develop the strength every empath needs. Learn Empath Empowerment®, the only trademarked system in America to help empaths. What makes this method so special?

In this book you’ll learn in detail what it really means being an empath. For instance, has anybody ever told you that empaths “feel other people’s feelings”? Not necessarily! Empaths come in 14 other varieties. Any one of these talents... qualifies you to call yourself an empath. So find out what you’ve got. Honestly, how can an empath gain powerful skills without that essential self-knowledge?

Next you’ll learn how to use your consciousness -- your built-in spiritual awareness -- to become a skilled empath. This how-to stands as Book 2 in Rose Rosetree’s sequence of books to help empaths, although some folks prefer to start here, because it’s so quick & easy.

Her Book 1, Empath Empowerment in 30 Days, uses a human-based approach, and it takes 30 days. While this book introduces you to a consciousness-based approach, with knowledge you can master as fast as you like.

Might we suggest? Gain the skills in this book before proceeding to Rose’s Book 3, if you even want to... because this book alone supplies all that you need for a powerful, fulfilling life. Discover this book’s unique gift to you: a strong and super-practical foundation in using spiritual awareness to become a Skilled Empath. Did you know?

Unskilled Empaths are less effective than other people.

But we Skilled Empaths? We’re more effective.

Find that beautiful strength in your own terms. Start today, becoming an empowered empath... quick & easy.

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February 2
Women's Intuition Worldwide, LLC
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