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From the bestselling author of The Bone Collector and The Devil's Teardrop comes this spine-chilling thriller that pits renowned criminalist Lincoln Rhyme against the ultimate opponent -- Amelia Sachs, his own brilliant protégée.

A quadriplegic since a beam crushed his spinal cord years ago, Rhyme is desperate to improve his condition and goes to the University of North Carolina Medical Center for high-risk experimental surgery. But he and Sachs have hardly settled in when the local authorities come calling. In a twenty-four-hour period, the sleepy Southern outpost of Tanner's Corner has seen a local teen murdered and two young women abducted. And Rhyme and Sachs are the best chance to find the girls alive.

The prime suspect is a strange teenaged truant known as the Insect Boy, so nicknamed for his disturbing obsession with bugs. Rhyme agrees to find the boy while awaiting his operation. Rhyme's unsurpassed analytical skills and stellar forensic experience, combined with Sachs's exceptional detective legwork, soon snare the perp. But even Rhyme can't anticipate that Sachs will disagree with his crime analysis and that her vehemence will put her in the swampland, harboring the very suspect whom Rhyme considers a ruthless killer. So ensues Rhyme's greatest challenge -- facing the criminalist whom he has taught everything he knows in a battle of wits, forensics, and intuition. And in this adversary, Rhyme also faces his best friend and soul mate.

With the intricate forensic detail, breathtaking speed, and masterful plot twists that are signature Deaver, The Empty Chair is page-turning suspense of the highest order, destined to continue Jeffery Deaver's bestselling track record and thrill his legions of fans worldwide.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 30
Simon & Schuster

Customer Reviews

Crittersmith ,

Insect Boy!

The Premise: In a small town, a young man was murdered, a college student and a nurse was kidnapped; then a Deputy Sheriff was stung by a Hornet’s nest critically. The main suspect is a teenage boy with an obsession with insects, nicknamed the Insects Boy. The county Sheriff has asked Lincoln Rhymes to help find the kidnapped and the suspect.
This is another in series of Lincoln Rhymes and Amelia Sachs forensic investigation thriller. I saw the Bone Collector movie and in my mind’s eye I will always see Denzil Washington and Angelina Jolie as the main characters.
I liked the story line, nothing is what it seems, of course. There are plenty of twist and turns. The story captured my attention from start to the end. I recommend this novel as a great weekend read, you will want to devour it and I don’t want you to be late for work!

Gr Linda ,

Empty ChIr

Good read . I enjoy this series.

Jaxhog ,

More twists than a Twizzler

Great story. Lots of plots, but what surprises at the end. My favorite Deaver book thus far.

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