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On a mysterious night, five maidens come out from the sea, to sing and dance. They are scared by regional animals in the area. One maiden runs off in the other direction while the others return to the sea. A young man named, Aiden follows a strange glow of light to the owner of the pendant, named Velouria. He saves her from wolves and she vows to stay with him. He decides to take her home, and try to help her. She gives him a fur pelt for his kindness and saving her. He thinks she has amnesia and can’t remember anything. Aiden takes Velouria to his school and she becomes anonymous to the people around her and his friends who are skeptical and transfixed by her beauty. She meets Professor Barrymore who becomes transfixed and decides to help, by wanting to keep her, but she later rejects him because of her vow to Aiden. Barrymore becomes reclusive and gets put into a psychiatric hospital. Velouria visits him and magically takes him to the Island of Kalsoy, Barrymore falls to his death and dies in real life. A friend of Barrymore’s, named Bowie an FBI agent, follows the mystery involving his friend’s death. Velouria and Aiden have wedded bliss and she enrolls in his school. Velouria adjusts to her new life and being the wife of Aiden Joffrey.
An enigmatic woman, named Tara finds Velouria and tells her that she needs to return home. Velouria refuses and Tara alerts the other four secretive women about the runaway. Bowie blackmails Velouria into working with him on some of his cases. Velouria uses her divination power to help Bowie, and he continues to threaten her about the supernatural appeal and being a mythical creature. Tara contacts the other women to bring Velouria home to their Selkie pod as she is to be the selkie bride to the head of the pod clan, Galen. Aiden and Velouria continue to enjoy their marriage but she retains her secrets from Aiden as to protect them both. She helps Bowie with his case to give him the whereabouts of a vivacious criminal. She tries to get out of the pact, Bowie threatens her once more with Aiden’s safety. Velouria continues to refuse to return home in favor of Aiden but soon finds herself backed into a corner when a man from her past shows up, Eoin from the Evans Clan who knows of her true origins. Velouria is now caught up in her own enchantment entanglement for she between people hunting her and others wanting her. She now must face or run to protect herself and her love, Aiden.

Fiction & Literature
June 16
Eternal Diamond Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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