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This is a book focused on advancing skills that will help martial artists develop a more instinctual way of fighting off multiple attackers. Martial Artists tend to spend most of their time learning to fight in honor to become champions one day. The arenas are abound, from the back yard tit for tat fights to being on a worldwide TV stage. You could say you have no need to fight off an armed group of attackers anymore, because to become a respected fighter is all that is needed. This is a delusion created by the marketers. Even though most onlookers are hypnotized, there are still more needed when the shit hits the fan and your best fighting skills are not enough. Martial Artists have somehow rationalized their skills to be complete by having control over gladiatorial situations. There is an inner smugness about fighters, but to me they are too are too attached to fighting approaches that are driven to perfect techniques to fit the spin. Ask yourself, does this address the realities of a chaotic group attack.

Dealing with the chaos of facing multiple attackers is a far better test of skills than competitions or honor fights.

The catch for many fighters is how to effectively communicate the skills needed to handle the intensity of a well-orchestrated group attack. I am sure their training makes them fit, strong, resilient and capable, but reality is not a part of their vision. ‘Be real my friend’, those step by step demonstrations only distract us; falsifying the picture of the real dangers that occur when facing many attackers in real time.

The End of Martial Arts is book that asks more from fighting approaches and challenges the current wisdom of so called traditional technical approaches. I’m asking current exponents to spread their wings to learn another set of strategies to handle chaotic attacks. I strongly suggest developing a survival instinct before trying a technique. If reality is to be approached, there has to be an understanding that no one will come to help you, no second chances and there is always another attacker you have not dealt with yet. If you are serious about developing Martial Art skills against multiple attackers then read on.

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April 13
Lor Mun Mak
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