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Something about our past – the one that took place thousands of years ago – is not right. And members of lodges and the heads of great religions are aware of this. They are keeping their knowledge to themselves. The people are to remain religious and ignorant. But when it is about comparing knowledge and intelligence with ignorance and stupidity, most people will prefer intelligence to ignorance and stupidity. The mentality of a society that does not receive an alternative for its beliefs and its ideology because the monopoly in question does not allow it must fossilize.

At our universities the same nonsense that was taught a hundred years ago is still being taught in Ethnology and Theology. “1000 years’ worth of musty odor under the academic gowns” is what it said on the banners the students were carrying during their demonstrations in 1968. Nothing has changed. And that is what this book is about. Erich von Däniken meticulously lists proven cases of cultural confrontations during which a technically superior civilization collided with a technically inferior civilization. The result was always the same. The technically inferior civilization always classified the other side as being “supernatural.” The effects of the technical devices were regarded as “miracles.” That is what happened last century; that is what happened during the age of discoveries and that is what happened during the Stone Age. That is when extra-terrestrials landed on earth that behaved like ethnologists. They observed a number of societies and disappeared again, promising that they would return some day. The Stone Age people hadn’t understood anything and categorized the foreigners as “gods.” And that is how religions were established.

How could knowledge like that be lost over the millennia? And why is it still being suppressed in our day and age that is so enlightened?

Erich von Däniken makes a clean sweep. He locates and depicts inconsistencies that are about to be forgotten in our vast reservoir of knowledge. This book will show you how to be amazed again.

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Erich von Däniken, born in 1935 in Switzerland is one of the most internationally successful authors of nonfiction books. CHARIOTS OF THE GODS, (German ERINNERUNGEN AND DIE ZUKUNFT) which became an international bestseller was published in 1968 and was followed by 39 more books. Worldwide 65 million copies of his books have been sold. Several of his books were turned into movies and various television series were made based on his ideas. He has received several international awards for his work.

March 14
Erich von Däniken
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