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Psychological problems can get locked into the human energy system. This system, with its subtle energy patterns, can be influenced by stimulating the meridians and chakras known from Traditional Chinese Medicine and other ancient healing schools. These revolutionary discoveries have rapidly started to challenge and change the concepts and methods of traditional psychotherapy and counseling. This book contains a series of essays on the development of energy psychology in the early years.

In the first week of July 2001, a small group of enthusiastic psychotherapists, counselors and healers met in Fürigen, near Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, for the First European Conference on Energy Psychology. During three days they engaged in interesting presentations and discussions about this rapidly expanding field. This book offers a fascinating review of the amazing journey undertaken by these highly competent pioneers.

Some of the names will sound familiar in your ears: Dan Benor, Patt Carrington, Jim Durlacher, Donna Eden, David Feinstein, Phil Friedman, David Gruder, Dorothea Hover-Kramer, Greg Nicosia, Mary Sise, Larry Stoler and many others. This book offers a fascinating review of the amazing journey undertaken by these highly competent pioneers.

Willem Lammers is a psychologist, psychotherapist and trainer with a broad experience in many psychotherapeutic schools. He is a founding director of the IAS Institute in Maienfeld, Switzerland. He has been active in the field from 1996 and is one of the first professionals who have practiced and taught energy psychology in Europe.

The variety of presentations in this book is amazing. It appears to me that each author has presented a different facet, allowing the reader to get a full appreciation of this jewel called Energy Psychology. I enjoyed and learned from each paper.
– Thomas Narvaez, Ph.D., Registered Hypnotherapist

This book brings you a feast of self-healing approaches that can change your life, as they have changed mine. There is no need to suffer from many anxieties, fears, and old hurts that can take the good taste out of your life. Learn how to release whatever you no longer wish to burden you, releasing the struggles and replacing them with joy and healing.
– Daniel J. Benor, MD, Author, Healing Research, Vol. I-IV

This new-old knowledge, this new-old view on health and healing-processes presented in this book, has been needed in the western medicine since a long time. These new tools used with humility, respect, common sense, together with the tools we use today will bring about a wealth of healing options.

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March 1
Willem Lammers
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