The ENFP Calling

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The ENFP Calling — Defy The Zombie Robots and Create Your Life of Freedom, Fun, and Fulfillment

I grew up in a society that values punctuality, order and steadfastness as personal traits. I'm an ENFP. Naturally, as you might imagine, this posed a bit of a problem.

From my early days I was bombarded with advice incompatible with my personality type. Highlights include:

•"The why doesn't matter. Just do it because you have to."
•"The outcome doesn't matter, it is about the process and structure."
•"You need to learn to slow down and just stick to one thing."

Being tired of such struggles I became a massive consumer of personal development, self-help, and psychology books as I enjoyed my 20s. While I learnt a tremendous amount during this time, I ran into one striking problem: Much of the advice I consumed was written by, and for, someone with a radically different personality than my own! For example, a productivity book like "Getting Things Done" written by David Allen (an ISTJ) or a business book written by Jack Welch, (ENTJ).

This lead me on a journey that eventually ended with me coaching ENFPs from around the world for over a decade now. In doing so I've been able to discover what sets us apart beyond culture and what our universal strengths and needs really are.

I wrote this book from the mindset of "If I was flying to New Zealand and sat beside an ENFP I'd never see again, what would I share with them during the flight?"

When you read The ENFP Calling you're going to find answers to big questions like:

•What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing with my life?
•Can I ever be happy with just one career?
•How do I need to live so I can look back with no regrets?

You'll also get insights on other important life questions such as:

•Am I with the right person?
•What kind of relationship will empower me to reach my potential?
•How can I feel healthier, energized, and focused without losing my freedom?

ENFP Career and Entrepreneurial Advice

•Why every ENFP should replace "career" for "calling" in their vocabulary
•The difference between fear and the feelings that are actually normal whenever you start something new
•The 4 things every ENFP needs to be happy and successful in their job
•AI, the future, and how ENFPs will fare (it is VERY good news)
•A guide to the best industries and careers for us Campaigners

Dating & Relationships

•The mistake every ENFP guy makes when it comes to dating and what to do instead
•The relationship trap many ENFP women fall into (it happens when they're going through a tough time)
•Are ENFPs even wired for Monogamy? Yeah…I go there

ENFP Health, Family, and Mindset Advice

•ENFP best practices to feel healthy, energized and focused
•Why following your heart is actually the most left brain move ever
•How to believe in yourself and move forward when friends or family doubt you
•Why trying to be another type, or conform to external expectations, is a guarantee of burnout and depression
•A mindset of self-acceptance and love that will fill you with energy and propel you to action

Learn what has worked, and what hasn't, for the 100s of ENFPs I've had the pleasure of knowing and coaching. This includes ENFPs from nearly every corner of the globe, from Japan, Korea and Indonesia to Brazil, Peru, and Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, to just about every country in Europe and of course, all those English speaking countries too :)

With Love,
Dan "Not a Zombie" Johnston

Health, Mind & Body
August 30
Dan Johnston
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Unhappy_camper1988 ,

Need Some Inspiration?

“Might it be the case that ENFPs aren’t the weird ones but are actually just connected to what it means to be human?”

I’m not yet finished with the book, but I’m finding it to be quite enjoyable. As an ENFP, the world can be an exciting, but sometimes lonely place. It’s nice to be seen.

It’s full of humor, inspiration, and in a weird, ENFP way, lots of direction. I think this book would be perfect for anyone finding themselves in a slump, or just needing to connect to the dreamer within.

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