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Competing for superior global military prowess several countries are leveraging the latest technology improvements in nanotechnology, dynamic programming algorithms, and drones for high-end in-field communications. The race is on to be the winner however, some cyber terrorists, inserting themselves as middleman, are introducing chaos.

Texas university professor, Su Lin, quietly working in her animal husbandry field of study, finds her unconventional communication techniques have put her in the cross-hairs of multiple interested parties. Her applied research of nanotechnology, coupled with hybrid programming methods has garnered some unforeseen attention.

What does research into improving animal husbandry to boost global food supplies have in common with next generation high-tech military communications?

Keith Austin Avery, a U.S. defense department contractor, uncovers new technology and leading-edge applications that draws the attention of a powerful terrorist group, with traumatic consequences.

Can he be forced to reveal the key confidential military plans, or is all this information already on the Dark Net?

The R-Group, led by Petra and Jacob, are engaged to locate these terrorists and identify government corruption before more people die. Technology programs they uncover also exposes a dire race against time to save lives.

Award winning authors, Breakfield and Burkey, provide a solid espionage thriller that incorporates a satisfying balance of technology, tension, surprisingly sensitive romance, and the blurred lines that surround the age-old conflict between good and evil in the middle of the 21st century cyber playing field.

What are Readers Saying

Kirkus – “A solid espionage thriller that adds more tension and lightheartedness to the series.”

“The incorporation of modern technology with exceptionally articulated detail made it feel like a science “all too real” fiction novel.”

“This one is jaw dropping! I love the characters (well, the good ones!) but they all come together to make this a very entertaining book.”

“I can't wait for what happens next. Oh yeah, Rock ’n Roll will never die!”

“They have built a cohesive and captivating group of people that their readers are invested in.”

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 8
The Enigma Partnership, LLC
Grades 13 and Below

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