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During the summer of 2003, I learned how to channel through practicing the exercises provided by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer in their book Opening to Channel.

Such meditation led me to alternative, higher dimensions populated with people and entities I never imagined existed. After each session, I wrote up precisely what transpired in these visits. I called them "the episodes."

These happenings transpire in places of boundless space, unconstricted by time...or gravity, so they have no beginning or end. There is no plot or story line. The leitmotiv is unadulterated  "peace."  Strife is unknown in these realms.

 During one of the earliest episodes, a dance troupe appears...and performs. A few episodes later the troupe metamorphoses into electrified "light beings" in the form of tiny fairies, the purest embodiment of peace. Fountains are their favorite place to be, from which they often burst with unbridled joy into spectacular visual extravaganzas. Shortly after their transformation, the fairies present Ariel to me…my guardian angel and my guide.

 Ariel and the fairies are omnipresent, while incidental characters weave in and out of the episodic fabric. Locations vary: a beach...a town in Greece…Space…Capri…an island near Spain…Venice…San Francisco…New York…the air above the Mediterranean Sea…the water below…but, home is Italy…a Tuscan village and its environs.

 In the center of town is the main piazza with its three-tiered fountain. Bordering the piazza stands a simple gothic-style cathedral...its unadorned exterior belies interior splendor. Narrow, cobblestone streets wind away from the piazza into a labyrinth typical of Italian medieval towns. One pathway meanders up the hill to the Tuscan landscape beyond.

A convent nestles in the countryside, juxtaposed by a beauteous garden, where Ariel and I often meet to discuss my earthly dilemmas…Ariel is an oracle. But most often we go there to inhale the garden's explosion of flowers, stroked by the sound of gushing water…bedazzled by the fairies' aquatic and aerial spectacles emanating from the fountain.

And so, the fairies beckon...come be with us. . .

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March 29
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