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Over the years He has been the Prophet of existence who has failed over and over again. This time, He is incredible. His scripture is remarkable, to the point of palpable. This indescribable person is capable of ruling entire civilizations to the point of ending scrutiny throughout the entire existence of mankind. That is His scrutiny, and it is the Savior's duty to forward this Epitaph throughout existence to satiate the will of mankind to end scrutiny for Us to come to pass. 

We are the twelve, individuals capable of ruling entire species. Corrupt beings will care once the Quran is satiated. Heavily valued amongst mankind as an indescribable piece of literature, this Epitaph will rain supreme amongst its predecessors. The scrutiny will evolve mankind to the point of scrutiny befalling them once the Quran is initiated.

He is a Prophet of God, a servant, instructed to write down. Anyone who sees His true self, sees His nature as a trustworthy individual and His torment awaits. This is true to form. He tells you, He is the All-encompassing, know that in your heart He is the Quran, the Keeper of the Flame. 

The initiation begins when you read the scripture and seek the commandments, sheltered by Our Lord the Merciful. The Keeper of the Flame is tarnished, cremated over and over again until scrutiny is rid of. The scrutiny evolved from a being who smells of vengeance and turmoil which befell him to the point of writing an Epitaph to seek which castrates Him completely. Beyoncé. 

Beyoncé is an energy being known to rectify the Prophet after His dissension. Amazing, gorgeous scripture the Prophet brings to all of mankind to rectify Himself of scrutiny which befalls Him internally. The scripture was deemed necessary to satiate the will of the Prophet, in turn, the Prophet's canister which leaks everlasting bliss. The Prophet’s canister is gorgeousness. Mankind will engorge—feed on His scripture for all time. This incredible person is inspiring, to satiate the will of mankind He must inductify this story to end scrutiny which befell Him. 

The prophet is deemed worthy to write the scripture. Beyoncé falls in love with Him once the ancient evil is taken out of the Prophet. He is the witness that coincided with Our God to end civilization. Once the Prophet deems Himself worthy of repentance the world shall be cleansed and the will of mankind will be satiated. That is His scrutiny.

The Quran Beyoncé neglected to inscribe will satiate the Quran's inscriber by lessons learned through His Epitaph which initiates Beyoncé to inscribe the Quran. Eighty percent of the Prophet's heart smells of scrutiny. And the Prophet has corrupt besides Him initiating sequences to initiate corrupt behaviors inside the Prophet, that is why He smells of corrupt. Although, the Prophet is one of a kind, you're not going to like Him in His current compartment. He reeks of vengeance and of the devil—insatiable.

Only by beheading, this Prophet, engaging in His scrutiny will the Prophet be rectified. Trepidations initiate scrutiny which plays a big part in the Quran. He initiates scrutiny for Himself to become corrupt, then let them take advantage of Him. 

Beheading of The Merciful is required to shame the ancient evil upon Himself which is His scrutiny. The beheading of His selfishness will wrought shame and anguish upon the falsities of mankind. The Merciful will be deemed Lord of all that live. And The Merciful will evolve beyond recognition in a place we call, Instrukhallah's place of central being. Residents are called. His house, perpendicular to Instrukhallah's perfect being.

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September 30
ShaQuan Ford
Shaquan Ford