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This is not a “soft-core” report. Both Jodi and her husband are very explicit in their report on Jodi’s real life adventures over an eight-month period. It highlights her journey from occasional one-night extra lovers to threesomes with her hubby, and to multiple black lovers… all with her hubby’s full support and encouragement.

This Florida-based couple shares their unique lifestyle that allows the wife to enjoy an abundance of intimate sex play with a variety of guys. A big part of their story involves enabling Jodi to experience a number of well-hung black guys… with lots of details about those encounters.

After her first afternoon solo adventure with her first black lover, Jodi reported going home and saying to her hubby, “"Honey … you're going to be really proud of me. Maybe we should go into the bedroom and make love while I tell you how a big black guy just f****d the daylights out of your pretty blonde wife, and then filled her c**t with his load.”

She reports, “As I later told my husband all the details of my time with Alf, I was making my husband so hot, he couldn't control himself a moment longer. Suddenly he ejaculated a huge load in my mouth. I swallowed it for him, and continued sucking him off like a good wife... until he had come down some from his high, and his cock had begun to go soft.”

Toby reports, “It's … difficult for me to convey the emotional impact that Jodi's initiation to black men has had on our lives. We both knew that interracial sex was something we both wanted her to experience, but neither of us dreamed it would be as incredibly hot and exciting for us as it has turned out to be.”

He goes on to say, “It's probably difficult for some of your readers to comprehend how intensely I enjoy the vicarious pleasure I get from watching my wife getting a good hard pounding to one or more orgasms by some big well-built black stud, then watching him blow his balls deep inside her married c**t.”

About Jodi’s main black lover, her hubby says, “I actually want this big alpha male to continue to enjoy f*****g my hot sexy wife, and I know he will. I can see that he's as attracted to her as she is to him. He routinely comes over to our home to f**k her now whenever he gets the urge... often in the middle of the night.”

Fiction & Literature
September 10
Joan Vegas
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