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***Authors Note*** I was given permission by the other seven authors in this book to showcase their great stories. The titles are as follows:

Mature Women 3: At the age of nineteen our hero starts to fall in love with the college nurse. Rachel is thirty five and every bit a woman. She falls for the college student knowing that it's wrong, yet there is something about him that makes her feel alive and needed.

Devious Seduction: After foolishly entering into an affair with her boss, Jillian Bach struggles to extract herself from the situation. When a mysterious stranger begins to shadow her every move, a series of disturbing and frightening events occur. To complicate matters, a younger man, a friend of her daughter’s, pursues her, charming her with the promise of a love she soon won’t forget.

Letting Go: She almost turned and left, but she couldn't.

She was drawn to him.

She had to be here.

She had to join him.

She couldn't let him go.


Intensely passionate and erotic... a story of love, loss and sexual abandon, from the author of You and Easy As One, Two, Three.

My First Time by Carl East

Interview with the Billionaire: Christa is a curvy secretary that's down on her luck. She lost her job a few months ago, and has struggled to get a new job since. She suspects that her difficulty comes because she is not as slender as her competition.

She is interviewing for yet another secretarial position. This position, however, is a little different from the others. Will she be able to use her charms and curvy body to win over her interviewer and land this "different" sort of job? Or, is it back to the job search for her?

A Christmas Carol G******g: They call her Christmas Carol and she's the sluttiest receptionist in Buffalo!

Once a year, it's a tradition at her office to be the center of attention at the office party g******g. Watch her take on five coworkers, including the company CEO who flies in just for the occasion.

American Virgin: Melody is a sweet & innocent virgin, her next door neighbor is the handsome and older, Ryan Hobbs. One day when Melody ends up over at Ryan's house in an attempt to raise money for a local cause, she discovers that Ryan is extremely charitable in more ways than one!

Curves for the Chef: She, Veronica Ward, is a voluptuous journalist who doesn't have the time to cook. He, Eric Walker, is sexy, a self-made billionaire, a war veteran with a dark and secret past, and her next journalism subject. When Veronica is assigned to cover the handsome chef, she can't get her mind off of Eric. He offers to show her the ropes in the kitchen, and a lot more starts to heat up besides the stove. Eric's a man who knows how to get what he wants, and he'll make sure she learns a lot more from him than just how to make a soufflé!

The Wager: Hanna and Darren have been friends for a very long time, and has developed feelings for him. Hanna loses a bet to her longtime friend and, instead of giving him the money they’d agreed on, offers him something a little more sexual in return. He agrees to the proposition, but there’s a catch. Darren is into BDSM and says it has to be part of the deal. Hanna reluctantly accepts.

Will Hanna enjoy this new sexual experience with her childhood friend? Will it lead to something more?

Spanking Ashley: Ashley is in for a surprise when she learns Professor Davis’s dark fetish. He wants to spank her – and not just playfully! Her professor is about to teach her a lesson in a very big way. Can Ashley handle her punishment like a big girl?

These tales are graphic in nature and are meant for adults only. All characters depicted are 18 or older

Fiction & Literature
November 1
Carl East
Draft2Digital, LLC

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