The Erotic Foursome

Crimson Rose and Others
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Publisher Description

The Erotic Foursome is a collection of four steamy erotic stories written by erotic authors Crimson Rose, Emily Sinclaire, and Alexis Alexandra.
The Wrong House:
After days of torrential rain, both literal and at work, Marie Gifford comes home to find several boxes sitting on her front porch. The only problem is, she hadn't ordered anything. How could she with the risk of job loss looming overhead?
Boxes open. Eyes widen in disbelief at what lies within. A phone call is made that changes Marie's life forever. Something is awoken in the twenty-eight year old realtor. Something hidden away all these years, but lurking ever closer to the surface. Will she embrace this new self? Or will she suppress it as she had done for her entire life?
The Hanover House:
Jeremy and Jenna are a married couple with secrets. She is a nymphomaniac that cheats on her husband every chance she gets, and he's obsessed with seeing her in bed with others. A chance meeting at a bar changes their lives forever. Jeremy falls for the stunning Selena Greene and after a night of debauchery confesses his desires to his wife. Meanwhile, at the Hanover Botanical Gardens, Jenna gets a new outlook on life and a job to boot.
Officer Lidia:
Twenty year old Nadia Dayes demands answers! She demands to know of her mother Lidia's past and the meaning of the names branded on her behind. She demands to know how a woman goes from police officer to FBI Agent to running a farm dedicated to all things BDSM, and she isn't taking no for an answer anymore. After running to her daughter's rescue, and a bit of fierce negotiations, retired FBI agent Lidia Dayes agrees to tell Nadia of her time on the police force working the biggest case of her short career.
Dominion of Him:
Greg Harper was caught stealing from work to fuel his gambling habit. Silvia Baxter, the owner of the company he stole from offers him a deal. Go to jail for grand theft, or submit to corporal punishment and repay the debt with interest. Greg opted to stay out of jail and submitted himself for punishment. Things get complicated when Olivia Harper - Greg's wife, gets involved.
Under Mistress Silvia's guiding hand, Greg and Olivia learn a great deal about themselves and each other.

Fiction & Literature
February 24
Crimson Rose
Draft2Digital, LLC

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