The Eternal Knott: Forged The Eternal Knott: Forged

The Eternal Knott: Forged

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This is about Induma:
There are many creatures on this planet that is much like earth, it was ''made'' according to their belief by Evangeline-the ''Angel'' of redemption. Moriane was born on Evangeline's star but was banished for her bloodthirsty nature-Tarn the Demon of the underworld is much like we would see Hades but a little different-he has compassion. Anyway Induma has one sun (the Great Star) and two moons (the Arrents') the normal Stars they call 'Tears of the Angel' or simply 'Orbs of light, Sparks from the Life-bringer' (the sun). At night in the summer, sometimes (but only if there are no Arrents, the Plants' flowers will glow, sand, patterns on certain animals and such will shine-its kind of like camouflage) Induma is 'Destined' to fall right before the angel is healed and returns home. What survives her wrath and retribution will be lead by her healer in the second book. the healer is Arikka the daughter of Elysiums' king Matyus and Tartaroos' queen Lyndsey, but the child is ''illegitimate'' and her mom tried to kill her-later Jaysen adopts herKFor more read the book.

This one is about Jaysen:
He has cobalt blue eyes that are shot through with slightly tarnished silver. He is a knight and message bearer to both kingdoms-his heart belongs to his wife Marria pronounced Mariah, he is about 5'7'' and weighs roughly...135lbs. He has a generous mouth, chiseled features and usually has a 5 o'clock shadow. He is loyal to Tararoo and King Rodryc, he despises Elysium and King Matyus, has pity on Queen Shyloe and kills Queen Lyndsey. He adopts children and helps many others, but he usually does not keep the children he finds. His parents died of some illness when he was young and he was raised by the Klyne so he is a little detached and has a raw undertone. He doesnt really like the ''Angel'' Moriane but loves ''Her Consort'' Tarn. Jaysens' true name is Mitah while the name most know him as is Knight Jaysen Night or simply 'Messenger'. The knight likes helping and his greatest fear is that he will not make a difference in the world he so loves. Jaysen is...loyal only to those he really loves. He is human to a fault he is a telepath and a self-healer, he also can heal others. His blood creates roses (colored by his emotions, thoughts, or whim) in the great-stars' (the suns) light, the light is also the only was he can heal himself or others. Occasionally he cannot heal himself, and usually will not heal others especially if he has been sick, injured recently or suspects himself of being poisoned because his blood transfers the poison or illness. Not only that but it also hurts. Jaysen can kill without feeling until he is by himself or trying to sleep. The Pulkan (vampires, lycans, ect as well as gifted humans ect..) have a special interest in him because he is supposed to raise a child who is too heal Moriane (the angel) and send her back to her domain with Tarn, returning a different creature to look after the remaints of the inhabitants of Induma. (I hope you fall in love with him, I did..)

Fiction & Literature
February 8
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