The Every Computer Performance Book

How to Avoid and Solve Performance Problems on The Computers You Work With

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Publisher Description

This is a short, practical, and occasionally funny book on how to solve application performance problems from someone that has been there and done that over the last 25 years. 

It works for any application running on any collection of computers you have. It teaches you how to wisely use whatever meters you have and how to discover more about those meters than the documentation reveals. It helps with the human side of performance as you seek information and present your findings (good or bad) all the way up to the CIO level. 

It provides practical advice on how to do, and the when to use, performance monitoring, capacity planning, load testing, and modeling.

Computers & Internet
March 1
Fraser Publishing Company
Bob Wescott
Grades 13-17

Customer Reviews

YetanotherJR ,

Prepare for Performance Improvement

Buy this book, read it, and start to use it, before you need it. You will thank your lucky stars.

If you build SaaS, or database-driven software, or embedded software, or firmware, or just about any product with software in it, eventually you are going to wonder why the heck it is so slow. Thank goodness Bob knows how to explain how to investigate.

From the Four Tools of Performance to Bob's Performance Rules, this book is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to implement. If you need to develop or test software under load or for performance, you should buy this book today and start to use it.

There is another reason to buy this book now. If you work on an agile or lean team, you should buy this book for Chapter 3. Bob talks about computer systems, but he could be talking about people. Yes, he's talking about queueing theory and bottlenecks and Little's Law, but he's talking about busy-ness at peak and resource utilization. You can use this book to *measure* your team and prove to your managers why you should not multitask. You can use data!

Bob also has a section on making friends with people so you can help changes happen.

The book is easy to read and easy to understand. Buy it, read it, and enjoy the beautiful pictures.