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They say most people meet the person they will marry while in high school. Balancing one another perfectly, Holly Ryan and Declan James were together through most of college—until their relationship blew up, leaving Declan with more questions than answers.

For the past two years, Declan has tried everything he can think of to earn Holly’s forgiveness, but even if he manages to help her let go of the past and give them another chance at happiness, she still has a secret. Not to mention, she can’t get over the revolving door of women he seems to have coming in and out of his apartment.

Declan is desperate to prove to Holly she’s the one for him and isn’t above using his celebrity status or enlisting the help of their friends to win her back. All’s fair in love and war, right?

*Mature Content- This book contains situations not intended for persons under the age of 18. Including, but not limited to - sexual situations, cursing, alcohol and/or drug use, and possible triggers.*

October 11
Dee Kelly
Dee Kelly

Customer Reviews

Blpmendez ,

Dec and Holly

I really enjoyed reading this book, it's a very easy read that you don't want to put down. Declan James and Holly are neighbors that become friends and later are a couple. Holly is a Authors PA and Declan is a internet sensation that post video blogs of his "life". After he and Holly break up he uses his internet blog to try and win her back. Having the help of their two mutual friends helps a little more. Baxter and Sage are two funny characters in this story. They made me laugh in addition to wanting friends like them. This love story is not just a love story that goes sour and gets sweet again. There's complications and Holly and Declan need to over come them in order to get their happy ever after. The question is, will they? Read the story and find out.

Hmitch76 ,

Sweet Second Chance

The Evolution of Us begins with Declan trying to get Holly to give him one more chance. They were childhood best friends then hischool and college sweethearts. The story goes back and forth from the time they lived next door to each other as children, until present day as adults. We slowly find out how their relationship started and where it all went wrong and why. I love second chance romance, so I was very excited to start this book. Declan is a very determined young man and I loved him and his determination. Holly is a sensible and independent young woman, but she has never gotten over Declan. I enjoyed reading their story and seeing why the broke up and watching them find their way back to one another. I also enjoyed their other two best friends Baxter and Sage. I wouldn't mind reading more about all of these characters terms in the future. I definitely recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a light hearted second chance romance.

Christine Miller28 ,

Completely stole my heart

What a heart warming second chance love story. Declan and Holly were best friends which turned into first love. They were everything to each other until a breakdown in communication took them down separate paths. They never got over each other. Declan has vowed to get Holly back whatever it takes.

This story had my emotions all over the board. I thought Declan was sweet and such a great book boyfriend, but then I wanted to strangle him. I wanted to yell at Holly. These characters became near and dear to my heart as I went on this incredible journey with them. Everything happens for a reason and in their case, I do think in the end it made them stronger.

Sage and Baxter who are their best friends I also absolutely adored. I really hope we get to see more of this foursome! Great read!

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