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Here is a collection of stories set in worlds where having sex at work isn't just accepted, it's expected! Check in on a cashier who puts out for every customer. Find out how a middle-management bureaucrat deals with breakroom seating arrangements that require her to wear tall socks and put out every two hours. Join a young woman on a trip to a temp agency where her sexual skills are assessed along with her office skills. Even drop in on a couple of women out for dinner who order sexual services from the waiters!


New Breakroom Seating Arrangements: Michelle Frost is middle management in a large company, but she still has to obey the memo sent down from the higher-ups. There's been a change to breakroom expectations for female employees. Knee-high socks, nude bodies, and taking it any way the men on break want to give it to them, every two hours! How is she going to get her paperwork done, when she has to drop everything and get f****d by her employees every couple of hours?!


Claire At The Store - Free F**k With Every Purchase: Claire, a hot, skinny, bubble-butted blonde works at a store that offers free sex with every purchase to the customers. She loves her job and is ready to get her firm, round ass f****d by a series of men after ringing up their purchases. What's Mr. Addams, her boss, up to with Emily in HR? Could this lead to a surprise for Claire before the day is over?


Kiki And The Temp Agency: Kiki's parents have cut her off and she needs to make money to pay the bills and the rent. There's nothing she can do except head down to the local temp agency and hope they have a job for her. However, Kiki lives in a world a little different from our own. She'll have her sexual assets tested at the agency and her "service job" will involve a bed in the middle of an office skyrise. What's she doing kneeling in front of that old man on the bus on her way to work? Find out!


Abbey and Mackenzie - Dinner and the Deep Throat Special: Abbey is a curvy blonde with a petite, brunette, impish girl named Mackenzie for a best friend. She goes to meet Mackenzie at a small restaurant to catch dinner. However, the restaurant has something on special that Mackenzie just can't resist ordering for her good friend. The girls are mischievous, fun, and Abbey gets a brutal face f**k at a major discount. Will they ever actually order dinner? It's a world where businesses sell the sexual services of their employees on a regular basis. Most places cater to men, but a few are in place to serve women as well.

Fiction & Literature
January 29
Broken Arrow
Smashwords, Inc.

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