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"The power of Islam (is) best seen when compared to the failure of Christianity: First, Christianity has failed you because it was the religion which first placed you in slavery. Secondly, Christianity has failed you because through its doctrine of turning the other cheek it has rendered you incapable of defending yourself in the hour of peril. Thirdly, Christianity had failed you because it has caused you to forsake the pursuit of justice in this world in the pursuit of an illusory and nonexistent justice beyond the grave." (Pg. 12)

"The Indians, the first people who were sent---who migrated to America---the Indians were also the enemies of Allah." (Pg. 22)
"You cannot blame the white man for what he is, you cannot blame him for being merciless, for the white people were made the people that they are." (Pg. 41)

"Rev. Martin Luther King taught you to submit to the white man and to become one of them. All of your life you have known that this is destruction---after so-called freedom. It is the same as the dog returning to his vomit. The Black man was vomited out of the white man and now goes back to the white man..." (Pg. 95)

"I have warned you for nearly forty (40) years that Allah (God) in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad ... came to me and gave me the knowledge of the truth; and I have been preaching it to you continually." (Pg. 161)

"We, the Muslims, have tried to live in peace here in America. There is not a single incident in our thirty-six years of history where we have ever made an aggressive move against you, but you have attacked us several times." (Pg. 166-167)

"Moses and Jesus are the most outstanding prophets in the history of the Caucasian race for the past four thousand years." (Pg. 174)

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August 13
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Superbad is back coach ,


Great book for everybody to read ! Especially for my brothers and sisters

NomadNinety1 ,

Mikaal Khan

A timely message that this world must take heed to and become familiar to the future which is prophesied. Turn to Allah for refuge.

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