The Fall of Hate

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We, the seeds of Humanity, are all the descendants of hardened criminals, fighting to survive the unmaking of A Throne of Souls.

Magic and technology have already met on a world far more advanced than our own only to dispense their most dangerous and hardened criminals, for magic has been outlawed.  Their descendants—us, here on Earth, along with the rest of Humanity—are now left to grapple with a Creation undone at the hands of an outlaw mage whose Master Plan affects the seeds of Humanity throughout the known Universe.  This outlaw—this Dark Knight of Magic—must accumulate immeasurable power to thwart the fork of consequences that brought forth the making of A Throne of Souls.  This story, this execution of his Master Plan originating centuries into the past, begins and ends with a triad of pivotal relationships and evolves through his understanding of his own soul.  Within the Master Plan, the dichotomy between hate and hope, across a landscape far beyond epic, is illustrated through vibrant characters developed over two-and-a-half decades. 

This third installment of “A Throne of Souls,” “The Fall of Hate,” vividly illustrates love, lust, anguish, abandonment, enlightenment, adoration, development, deceit, guile, exquisite patience, and prophecy turned on its head.  Hard science, mythology, religion, paganism, and the art of magic collide in this daunting clash for Humanity.  All the deepest and darkest threads of “A Throne of Souls” come together in this third installment to show you—for the very first time—the breadth and depth of the mosaic landscape that is this story of stories—this engagingly unique tale of Creation as told through this beautiful, fictional love story.  And, as done throughout “A Throne of Souls,” the dichotomy between Hate and Hope is explored in lifelike ways where good and evil are not simple constructs or boundaries for characters—both beloved and hated—who leap off the page to guide you to places your heart will want to go but your mind, and belief systems, will fear to tread.  Profound questions will be postulated to you, the reader.  Questions that may trouble your belief system and all things you thought you knew with certainty.  But, the things we know for certain to be true are often the things most dangerously impeding our ability to see what is truly in front of us.  Dare to ask these questions and continue reading this thought-provoking series certain to boldly defy norms and status quo.

A Note from the Author:  This intricate, thought-provoking, epic, and cerebral thriller breaks all the rules crossing over sci-fi, fantasy, fiction, magical realism, and military fiction genres but as you start reading A Throne of Souls, it will become apparent why those rules had to be broken to tell this multi-world story of Humanity and Creation.  I don’t believe in traditional ‘good’ vs ‘evil,’ single protagonist saves the world type of stories.  I don’t believe in traditional narratives.  My protagonists are not always ‘good,’ and my antagonists are not always ‘bad.’  I believe in strong, multi-faceted characters that reflect the real world, with real thoughts, emotions, and agendas.  I wanted to bring something entirely different to the market and this is about as different as literary fiction gets.  You have never read anything like this before!  My goal was to be worthy of this inimitable story in the way that I tell it—to bring it to you in my voice but to do so beautifully, elegantly, and intelligently.  There are several things that make this story unique including:

• A flex-style narrative that illustrates—upon a 360-degree axis—character POV perspective based on their understanding of technology.

• Storylines that reach back, in entangled timelines, centuries—if not millennia.  

• Nonlinearity. There was simply no way to tell this far-reaching story in traditional timeline methodologies.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 18
A Throne of Souls
Charles W. McDonald Jr.

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