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The Fantasy Factory: Box Set

The Fantasy Factory: Edgy Role Play
Length: 18,500

Vicky Lane’s sex life has hit a wall. Failing to spice things up with sexy outfits and toys, the luscious housewife threatens her husband with an affair. After he carelessly dares her to go forward, Vicky calls Gavin’s bluff. Raising the stakes, she lets her dark side shine.

She signs up for the fantasy factory, where fantasy becomes reality. Wanting to act out her darkest taboo, she signs her freedom away, putting it in the hands of unknown men. Taken at random, an edgy adventure follows suit. Vicky hopes to teach Gavin a lesson of her value, though by the end, the lesson will belong to them both.

The Fantasy Factory 2: The Attic (Dark Erotic Romance)
30,000 words

Sara Monroe's life has hit a stalemate. Divorced, bored, and unhappily celibate, she decides to take a safe gamble by living out a dark fantasy. Entering the Fantasy Factory, she voluntarily signs her sexual fate away.

The dark scenario plays out to her heart's desire. Seeking both edge and love, she awaits the man of her dreams. However, when Sara gets more than she bargains for, she's left to hope that her fantasy comes with a very happy ending.

The Fantasy Factory series will be an occasional series of non-sequential, “Paid for hire” role plays.
Warning: This story contains graphic language, erotic situations, edgy role play, medical exam, enema play, domination, submission, humiliation, (see my website for more), and is a story for adults (18+)

Fiction & Literature
April 5
J.D. Grayson
Smashwords, Inc.

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