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The international bestseller from the author of phenomenal Child 44 trilogy?Ķ

The Farm

If you refuse to believe me, I will no longer consider you my son.

Daniel believed that his parents were enjoying a peaceful retirement on a remote farm in Sweden. But with a single phone call, everything changes.

Your mother...she's not well, his father tells him. She's been imagining things - terrible, terrible things. She's had a psychotic breakdown, and been committed to a mental hospital.

Before Daniel can board a plane to Sweden, his mother calls: Everything that man has told you is a lie. I'm not mad... I need the police... Meet me at Heathrow.

Caught between his parents, and unsure of who to believe or trust, Daniel becomes his mother's unwilling judge and jury as she tells him an urgent tale of secrets, of lies, of a crime and a conspiracy that implicates his own father.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 3
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Martagirl39 ,

The farm

I haven't read anything like this before. It slowed down in the middle for awhile but the ending was worth it. I thought I had it all figured out at one point and was completely wrong, which was nice. I recommend it.

speed reader 71 ,

Wow! What a great story!

This story is very well written. It grabbed me from the first few pages and I didn't let go until I reached the end! I could not put it down until the mystery was revealed. I highly recommend it even though it costs more than what I typically spend on an e-book; it's well worth the price! Now I want to read other books by this author.

SkipINFJ ,


I've read several books in a similar vain as this, and believe one in particular inspired this one. However, I am not confusing "inspiration" with "imitation." For me, this stands on its own as possibly one of the most impressive examples of great storytelling I've read. Surely a movie adaptation is soon to follow?

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