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This stunning new children’s picture book series from award-winning video games celebrity Chris Stead doubles as a rollicking old-fashioned adventure and a fantastic teaching tool. It’s built with pop-up text and sound effects to help parents and teachers use the book to meet early reading syllabus requirements.

It stars Willy Nilly, a little boy whose everyday activities spiral into epic adventures as his wild imagination blends with reality and we see the world through a child’s eyes. In his third adventure, Willy and his dad decide to build a billycart, but it doesn’t go fast enough to do big skids. So Willy comes up with a big idea; what if he takes the billycart to the top of the tallest hill in town, and coats the wheels with slippery soap. If you like fast cars, big jumps, funny crashes and crazy racing, you’ll love what happens next!

Rejoice in the detailed, original, video-games-meet-Disney inspired art. Plus, you can help your child meet early school syllabus requirements by using the interactive, pop-up text boxes to hide the story and let them interpret the narrative from the art and the facial expressions first.

Also make sure you pick up Book 1 of The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series, The Little Green Boat, which is a rollicking adventure involving a big wave, some dolphins and a secret island with a surprising treasure. Then there’s Book 2, Follow the Breadcrumbs, which sees Willy build a pond in his backyard so he can lure all the animals from the local lake up to his house.

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May 3
Old Mate Media
Chris Stead
Grades P-3

Customer Reviews

Malaking titik-O ,


Love reading willy nilly series. Hope you release another book soon.

Grandma with 3 ,

Fun and engaging

Willy Nilly is an adventurous boy with a great imagination. In “The Fastest Kid in The World” his love for fast cars in combination with a wild imagination whirls him into an exciting adventure when he decides to take his homemade billycart up to the top of the highest hill in town and soap the tires to make them super slippery before speeding off down the hill on a very exciting ride!

This interactive eBook for children is a fun and enjoyable reading experience combining imagination-evoking illustrations with audio and interactivity to engage the young reader. The text in the book is revealed upon the reader actively tapping on a racing car icon that is found on each page. This allows time to imagine what is going to happen in the story or to even make up one’s own story along the way.

I also really like the fact that the author generously includes pedagogical tips at the beginning of the book to help parents and teachers understand how to use the book as a learning tool.

TikiTales ,

Boys will especially love this ride!

Chris Stead’s ebooks are a terrific interactive series. Be sure to read the instructions in the beginning on how to make the story pop up. I like this feature bc once you’ve read it with your little one, you can choose to keep the words turned off and follow along by memory, and focus on the gorgeous pics. Or, you can keep the words turned off and create your own narrative based on the action and expressions, Sound effects keep this ebook fresh. Educators and parents will appreciate the tips on learning at the beginning of the ebook. You’ll want to collect the entire series.

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