The Female Breeders

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" (...) The author outdid herself with this novel which is both entertaining and thought-provoking."
Readers' Favorite ★★★★★

A genetically enhanced female. A male breeder fighting for his life in the Arena Dome. A world ruled by five clans of super-women. What could possibly be wrong with such a well-designed society?

When Neen and Tem's paths cross they uncover a web of lies spun so deep, that the truth seems like a mere illusion.

In the near-future propaganda-driven dystopian society of EVE, women control the world.

Young brilliant scientist Neen Salvek of Clan Triverser is assigned to screen imprisoned males of the Dome, to assess their mental and emotional fitness before breeding season. Her task is crucial in order to protect the breeding women, and continue the development of their genetic enhancements. As she embarks on her mission she finds more than she bargained for – a system of brutal mutilation and slavery that condemns any male who doesn't make the cut in the breeding competition to death.

This fate awaits Tem - a male from the super-strong, super-fast Clan Benglion - if he can't stand his ground and fight in the competition. As Neen helps Tem overcome his childhood trauma, she unravels a deeper conspiracy that threatens the very existence of EVE. Now she must face a choice: to go against everything she believes or accept the dawn of a new world.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 1
Melanie Bokstad Horev
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

attyjames ,

Somewhat cringe title - interesting premise

This is billed as a story about a "near future" dystopian world where females rule. Males are kept in camps, prisons, domes, etc. and they are used for slave labor and occasionally some of those with the most desirable traits are allowed to compete in various "games" with the victors being granted the privilege of being able to mate with females, who likewise appear to go through some kind of vetting process to insure that the best females mate with the best males in order to maintain the species, as it were.

Both sexes have somehow evolved into several distinct "breeds," that have different characteristics. While the different groups are named, it is never really explained how this was done, who decided or how they were able to selectively adapt for the various features.

The title is kind of cringy and suggests that there might be some adult activities featured in the book. Thankfully, all of that kind of stuff is backstage and this is just about the political maneuverings, (largely on the female side) and interactions between the different genders.

As an idea, it is an interesting premise. But practically, it is kind of difficult for me to suspend my disbelief. If you look at this as one group that has subjugated and used another group, enslaving them and using them for their own purposes, then it makes for an interesting thought exercise. As it is, with things seemingly relating to human males and females, it was problematic, for me. Different "races" ARE mentioned, (and it is not really clear if these are actually different races or simply people grouped by their characteristics).

It is never explained how the seemingly smaller and less physically powerful females were able to gain control over the males, let alone maintain it. What motivates the different characters and groups of characters is not delved into with any degree of depth.

It is also strange to me in the context of this kind of world with this kind of ruling structure that the females would not have figured out a way to eliminate the need for physical interactions between the sexes altogether. MOST of the rest of the book would remain intact, if this HAD been the set-up. It would have made things more believable for me as well.

As is, there were quite a few things that just did not make any sense. They worked as plot devices, if you did not think about them too much. But for the females in this scenario, it seemed FAR too easy for some of them to develop very quick deep emotional attachments to their male counterparts. It usually is due to physical attraction and very superficial aspects. I guess this kind of thing CAN happen, as seen by interactions with slaves and their masters throughout history. But it struck me as unrealistic.

This is the first book in a series and it has a very "soft" ending. It could really best be seen more as a chapter break than an ending.

TTGG523 ,

A dystopia where women rule.

A very interesting dystopia. You have women who were just fed up with men and decided to raise over and run the world. They hold the men hostage, breed them and train them for other various events and then return then where they’re held.

It was rather easy for me to guess what the point would be but there were lots I’d twists and turns that kept me engaged. The writing style is great and edits were superb. It’s refreshing to read a book in its final form and not having to guess what the author meant by it.

Thank you NetGalley and Melanie. This review is of my own and honest opinion.