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In the near future, the United States has been transformed into the Unified State, an oppressive police state that keeps its citizens under constant surveillance. Poverty and crime are rampant, and the citizens live beneath a perpetual cloud of fear. Pedro Pulido has never known his country to be any other way, but his grandfather remembers a time before, and he teaches Pedro to recognize the propaganda for what it is and to think for himself. Still, Pedro is no revolutionary.
Then Pedro’s quiet town is engulfed by the country’s growing anti-government insurgency, and terrifying changes begin to occur. A mechanical soldier with artificial intelligence, Samuel, is deployed in the neighborhood and, like others of its kind, is glorified by the government as a great protector of the people.
However, it quickly becomes apparent that Samuel isn’t just keeping an eye out for insurgents. After the death of one of Pedro’s closest friends at Samuel’s hands, Pedro finds himself faced with a decision. Does he accept the status-quo or seek justice for his friend’s murder?

Fiction & Literature
November 12
Robert Corrado
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Tom Brad ,

What a ride!

Robert Corrado tells a great story. The book takes place in a very believable and scary future. Imagine Nazi Germany with advanced technology of tomorrow. Youth are fed a steady diet of propaganda. Adults live off of government vouchers and fear until one day a group of teenage friends respond to tragedy by fighting back. Make sure you pick this one up on a weekend because you won't stop reading until it's done.

DaniR33 ,


Loved this book! I could not put it down from the start. Wonderful writing and story telling. This story scared me, excited me, made me cry, think and smile. Could not ask for more.