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(Version 1.1,August, 2020) Do you believe that God can reveal to his people the identity of the future Antichrist before he reveals himself? Many people claim that God has given them a dream or spoken to them directly that Barack Obama is the Antichrist.

This book presents the evidence that points to Barack Obama being the Antichrist of the Bible.
Most of the evidence is made of many small pieces that, by themselves, cannot convict anyone of being the Antichrist; since he has not yet made himself known. However, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle when put together forms a picture, those pieces give us a picture of the final Antichrist, as there have been many in past centuries.

God gives us signs as a way of speaking to us, and he has given us much evidence that Obama is the Antichrist, from 666 appearing, to people who had dreams and visions that Obama is the Antichrist.

And while Obama was president, he did many things that caused people to believe that he could be the Antichrist in the minds of many people, like making an unauthorized, unapproved, deal with Iran to give them 150 billion dollars and allow them to build a nuclear reactor that could lead to nuclear weapons.

He also took many direct actions against Christianity, like trying to make a law that churches had to hire gay and lesbian pastors, and if they refused they could be shut down.

Because of his actions while president, so many people were saying that Obama is the Antichrist that it became a published news story in mainstream newspapers and news networks, even the L.A. Times and Newsweek.

Could Obama yet return to be president again? He certainly cannot be elected again. But there are prophecies that say he will return. We will see how this might happen in the book.

But how can Obama be the Antichrist? This book gives all the evidence, starting with a brief biography of Obama showing what he has done, revealing his connections to radical Islam, and even his relationship to Satan himself! And he has continued to act against America after leaving office. Finally, he is well-loved in many nations of the world, and could easily become the ruler of another country.

Two chapters of dreams and prophecies are included. If only two or three people said God revealed to them that Obama is the Antichrist, it would not be important, but it has happened to dozens, perhaps hundreds of people. They usually ask God, "Who is the Antichrist?" and he gives them a dream or tells them that it is Obama, often to their surprise.
Do you really believe that the Antichrist will come without God warning us so we can prepare? No, God will warn us! And he is warning you, if you able and willing to believe the evidence.

The time is very short. Antichrist is even now taking action against America that will bring great destruction upon us, including civil war, which is discussed later in the book.

As a result of all the talk about Obama being the Antichrist, some theologians were asked if Obama is the Antichrist, and they said, "No chance." But the ministers that were asked believe in the Pre-tribulation Rapture, which teaches that we will not know who the Antichrist is until the middle of the Great Tribulation, 3.5 years after the Rapture. Some people even wrote articles online debunking the idea that Obama is the Antichrist, so a chapter is included called Debunking the Debunkers.

But not all of the supposed evidence is, in fact, accurate or even import, so the author also discusses what is wrong with some of the evidence.

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