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To a master alchemist like Addie, impossible is just another word for challenge. When a fiery explosion destroys the Alchemica, the premier alchemy institute in the United States, she’s left with nothing. No home, no colleagues, and no memory. Learning what happened seems impossible, but she still has one strength, and in her opinion, it’s the only one she needs. She hasn’t forgotten a thing about alchemy.

Addie brews a potion to restore her lost past, but remembers only the flames of the Alchemica’s destruction—and a man among the ashes. A man with the elemental power of fire, who just happens to be the leader of the magical community. He might know what happened, but getting him to tell her will require some…creativity. The magical aren’t fond of alchemists. Some say it borders on hatred, but Addie isn’t one to back down from a challenge, even if that challenge happens to be a man who can turn her to ash with a thought.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 28
Becca Andre
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

djFiddles ,


Loved it! Was SO excited when I found out this is from a series! I promptly went out and bought the whole set. :)

Not for young readers as there is some sexual content, but it wasn't over the top or distasteful like other books I've read.

Hesski ,

The final element

Great read, enjoyed the sub plots a lot too. First time I've had a chance to read a book by this author and I enjoyed her ability to communicate a complex idea into an understandable set of just a few sentences. I will look at other titles by her and believe just a few dollars invested by you will get you hours of situations to ponder when you can finally put the book or other device down that hold this title. Please read the book and write your own 5 star review. Thanks!

Lady Charleton ,

The Final Formula

Fun, fast, with all the goodies fantasy readers like, it is well-paced and a delightful read.
Main protagonist is a sassy, fun, strong lady with vulnerabilities she hides with wit and sarcasm, as do all of us intelligent strong women, but the right people can get to her without doing damage.
I liked it a lot and will read more from this author when I get a chance to do so.

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