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This is a novella tying up the SEALs of Steel series.

A prosthetic design engineer, Kat Greenwald is in love with Badger Horley. The former SEALs team leader is the love of her life. But she's seen and heard firsthand of the fears and commitment issues Badger and his closest friends--once part of Navy special operations teams--struggle with on a daily basis. During their weekly get-togethers, the women in love with these former SEALs open up to each other about their longing to tie the knot and start families. 

More than two years ago, Badger was badly injured after the truck his eight-man unit were in hit an antitank landmine. While he and his team have finally discovered the truth behind that devastating set-up, Badger sees the reality of his precarious future. His health could decline at any moment and he wants Kat to know exactly where the door to get out is if and when it does. The last thing he wants to do is invite pity, especially where the woman he loves is concerned. In a perfect world, he would have proposed to her the day they met. In the world he lives in, he can only conclude that harboring fears are always better than regrets. 

But Kat isn't the type of woman to fear hard times and she's willing to take a leap of faith as far out into the unknown as she can get if it means her most fervent wish comes true.

March 5
Valley Publishing, LTD
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Customer Reviews

777sails ,

Ten Stars!!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookSprout and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

Just WOW! I adored this book. What a fantastic way to end this fantastic series. I adored this series and I was sorry to see it end but this book was the icing on the cake and just took it over the top. The planning and plotting was wonderful. There was not the typical intrigue of finding the "bad guy" here but there was definitely intrigue. I just teared up near the end.

This book is a must read if you have read the entire series. This is such a joy! I highly recommend this story to anyone!!! I will definitely be re-reading this entire series over and over.

Jmoms ,

Ahh, the ending

Oh, how we love happy endings. This is the last book in this series but these characters will stay with us!

All the ladies know their men are keepers, and that they all have issues. Who doesn’t?!
So the ladies help one plan a big party and everyone is going to have fun!!

Cheryl SDS ,

I love it when the women take charge!

This is book 8 in the final book in the SEALs of Steel series. This story involves all seven SEALs and their girlfriends but spends more time with Badger and Kat. WOW! All the planning and emotional stress is incredible. I can only imagine how Kat felt. These men have all been medically discharged from the service and are a close knit family. I love how they want to live within walking distance from each other. They’re only trying to decide what to do with the rest of their lives. Leave it to the women to take charge and alter the course of all their lives forever. I love it! I only wish we could have seen each of their reactions to the big reveal.

This is a fantastic end to an equally fantastic series. BRAVO! I look forward to reading whatever this author brings us next.

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