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While on a much needed holiday break from the hospital, all Dr. Tara Ross wants is a traditional family Christmas. When her detective husband, Captain Jeffrey Corrigan, comes home early from his precinct with no homicide cases pending, and his son, James, has his film production on holiday hold, Christmas preparations are in full swing. Presents would soon be stacked beneath the tree, only to be opened the minute the first star lit the Christmas Eve sky. That is until Tara's daughter, Abbie, along with Abbie's best friend, Lexie, are uncharacteristically late while driving home from college.

While the snow falls faster, and their Christmas tree waits to be decorated, Tara is urgently called to the hospital. When she returns, not only is Abbie's car still missing from the driveway, but also now Jeffrey's vehicle is gone, too.

Her suspicion that something is amiss is confirmed when Jeffrey texts her that he and James are en route to extricate Abbie's car that is stuck in the snow. Concerned about the deteriorating weather, Tara hits the highway to join in the rescue.

Meanwhile, with her car stranded, Abbie and Lexie wait inside her vehicle while waiting for Jeffrey and James's arrival. But when a stranger discovers the two vulnerable young women and threatens them, Abbie makes an emergency call to Jeffrey. As he races to Abbie's side, a roadside accident delays him, Tara, and the police. Knowing help may not arrive in time, Abbie is forced to battle the evil man. Christmas may never be the same.

Fiction & Literature
December 4
Tanya Goodwin
Smashwords, Inc.

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