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It's a stinky situation in Sinful. A box of rotten fish is placed under Celia's car and a highly illegal device explodes, totaling the car. Gertie was seen in the area but says she didn't do it, but only Fortune and Ida Belle believe her and there are no other suspects. The Swamp Team Three has to solve the crime in forty-eight hours before Gertie is arrested and faces a five-year prison sentence.

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What readers have said about Stephen's other Miss Fortune books:

Of the many other authors who contribute to this series Stephen John is one of my favorites. He continues with the main characters and weaves a series of intrigue and chaos into his story.

I have now read a few of these stories by this author and this one I enjoyed most of all. The regular characters are back, joining a couple of newbies who prove to be interesting as well. Once again, the crime solving aspect of the story proves intriguing. It left me fulfilled and more than ready to read the next chapter in this particular writer's Miss Fortune setting. Great stuff.

I absolutely love this series! Fortune has lost a dear friend which broke my heart, but she has also made some new friends as well. As always there is comedy, action, and a dash of love tossed in.
Definitely a must read!

While staying true to Ms. DeLeon's canon, Mr. Mayfield carves out a very nice niche for himself. I've come to really enjoy his stories featuring these characters and this one is a doozy.

A well-structured mystery, and probably the most literary of the Kindle Worlds Miss Fortune Mysteries I've read so far. 

I loved this book as much as I loved the original books by Janet DeLeon. I wish he would write more.

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