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Introducing the flexible way to eat healthy, slim down, and feel great! "Flexitarianism" is the hot new term for healthy dieting that minimizes meat without excluding it altogether. This ingenious plan from a high-profile nutritionist shows you how to use "flexfoods" to get the necessary protein and nutrients--with just a little meat for those who crave it. As the name implies, it's all about flexibility, giving you a range of options: flexible meal plans, meat-substitute recipes, and weight loss tips. Plus: it's a great way to introduce the benefits of vegetarianism into your family's lifestyle.

There has never been a better time to cook with vegetables—and to move plants to the center of the American plate. Even if plants weren't the better choice for your health, they make the case for themselves purely on the basis of deliciousness.

This approach to eating—also known as a flexitarian diet––strikes the best balance on our plates between flavor and pleasure, and nutrition and sustainability. In The Flexitarian Diet Cookbook, readers will find inventive and unexpected ways to focus on cooking with vegetables—dishes such as Aррlе Crumblе; Bеѕt Broccoli Chеddаr Soup; Salmon Farro Bowl; and Vеggіе-Pасkеd Mіnеѕtrоnе Wіth Pesto Sоuр. Here are recipes that keep the spotlight on the vegetables, at a time when the quality of fresh produce has never been better.

Complete with tips for getting started, nutritional and dietary advice, and a sample weekly menu, The Flexitarian Diet Cookbook will inspire and help you to embrace a mostly vegetarian or vegan diet with ease.

Health, Mind & Body
March 27
Amazing Publishers
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