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Shadowvale isn’t your typical small town America. The sun never shines, the gates decide who enters, magic abounds, and every resident bears some kind of curse.

Werewolf Virginia "Ginny" French's curse means no one can remember her. Not even for as long as it takes to ring up her groceries or make her favorite iced coffee. And being that forgettable has turned her life into an incredibly lonely existence. So much so, she's thinking about doing something really wild just to entertain herself.

Werewolf Ezekiel "Easy" Grayle loved his life until he got struck by lightning and lost control of his shifting abilities. It’s led to some uncomfortable situations – and the decision to move to a town where the unpredictable is acceptable.

He didn’t realize just how acceptable until he catches his hot but maybe-crazy neighbor sneaking out of his pool in a barely-there bikini. He’s too busy unpacking to pursue her, but when she comes knocking, all bets are off.

Can a forgettable woman ever find love or is her curse too much for even the most determined man to overcome?

August 5
Sugar Skull Book
Kristen Brunori

Customer Reviews

plage1 ,

Good story

I like the Shadowvale theme and this is the best story yet. The first two in the series were OK but the romance seemed to develop awfully fast. I like the pace of this one much better. No spoiler, but the curses that the main character gets suffer have neat twists too, thoroughly enjoyed this one!

Sucking@ss ,

The Forgettable Miss French

I have had the best time reading the Shadowvale books the have lifted my spirits when they have been low and my daughter introduced them to me , so thank you so very much. Cindy Nichols 275 Wagner Bottom rd. Kisses Mills. 65680

Lisa Bateman ,

The mother of all curses

I loved this book so much! It kept me laughing throughout it. It was pretty adorable Easy shifted into tiny dogs instead of a wolf. Poor guy. What a curse. Aunt Gwen, Ginny’s aunt, and Lucas were great characters. I loved that they played a good role in the book. I can’t wait for you to meet them. We also get another unique and adorable creature to love in this book. My favorite thing about Kristen’s books is that no matter how down and out, stressed or worried I may get, her books always cheer me up and give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

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