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Secrets have a way of coming to light…

She never allowed her heart to love another. He had never forgotten her. Will their secrets keep them apart? Or would their love overcome them?

Belle portrayed herself as two different women in London. To the lower class she was Rosie, a young widow who lost her husband too soon. A generous lady who befriended all, always helping those in need. To the peers of the realm, she was the notorious Madame Bellerose. Her establishment in Covent Garden was the most sought after to gain membership. Every gentleman attempted to bed the sultry Belle, but she favored no man with entry to her boudoir. She gave her soul away to one man years ago and there would be no other for her. Belle found contentment in the life she created to survive with her flourishing business and her new friendships. Until the man who stole her heart and abandoned her years ago returned. Phillip dominated her senses, making her crave what they once had. Can Belle forgive Phillip for abandoning her and risk her heart to loving him again?

Lord Phillip Delamont had only one purpose for his return to London. And that was to find the woman he loved. To his surprise, his young son befriended the lady he desired. However, at every turn her friends would thwart his attempts to seek her attentions. His frustrations would only leave him wanting her more. A chance invitation for a game of cards leads Phillip into discovering Belle’s true identity. Once he realized the woman Belle had become his need to make her his again became his primary goal. Can Phillip convince Belle that they are meant to be together forever?

Secrets. As Phillip pursues Belle, they keep their secrets hidden from one another. Secrets that could help to heal their hearts. Will they let their past continue to haunt them? Or will they confess their true love?

The Forgiven Scoundrel is the final book in Laura A. Barnes’s Tricking the Scoundrels series. If you enjoy reading about long lost loves then you’ll love Belle and Phillip’s passionate affair.

Enjoy The Forgiven Scoundrel today.

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The Forgiven Scoundrel

August 11
Laura A. Barnes
Laura A. Barnes

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