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Seventeen-year-old psychic Madison Seaton’s life changed the second she arrived at the University of Edinburgh. Before she can enjoy her freshman year, she's targeted by the spirit of Jaime, a girl who had gone missing months before. Jaime needed Madison's help to find her killer, but now that her body’s been found, she’s MIA. The same can’t be said for the malevolent spirits who want Madison to steer clear of the killer and his victims. 

Despite the danger she is in, Jaime’s brother, Haven continues to push Madison to find the killer. He won't stop until he gets justice for his sister.

Madison’s hometown crush, Shane insists she forget about Jaime and the killer and get on with her life, but that's hard to do when no one will leave her alone.

Torn between the two handsome men and her conscience that is telling her to find the killer, Madison has to make a decision—ignore the psychic visions and clues or keep digging for answers and become the killer’s next victim.

Young Adult
December 13
Julia Templeton
Julia Templeton

Customer Reviews

merge Mermaids ,

Amazing just amazing

So when Rylie and shane looked into the tree i knew haven was dead but i did not want to believe it then he came to Madison i knew he was dead but still refused to believe it by the way the whole time i was crying and then they said he was dead I started bawling but this was a amazing book love it i will probably read it another billion times so it was just amazing.

Blahblah100 ,

Couldn't put it down.

I have read every book of hers. I just can't help but get completely sucked in. There's been a few times that I have finished a book in one day. I just feel like I am there, like they are my friends, my family. I wish these books didn't have an ending and I hope to see more. I want to see more Mandy, Shane, Riley, Kade, cass, Megan, Taylor, cait.. All of them! Please write more novels with them in it! Riley and made as parents? Maddy and Shane married? The possibilities are endless. If you don't purchase these books and read them all you will regret a great read and finding your new favorite series and author. Amazing series!

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