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The complete Four Families dark romance trilogy!

This omnibus contains all three books in the complete Four Families trilogy:
Book 1: Counts of Eight
Book 2: Dance with Death
Book 3: Pas de Trois

★★★★★ "Dangerous, haunting, twisted, powerful; this is what true dark romance is meant to be." -The Flamingo Bookshelf Review-

Two captive dancers. One cruel master. A single performance to determine whether they live or die.

Anya has served as a talent slave for one of the four families since she was kidnapped three years ago. She has accepted her fate, knowing that the four families are everywhere and escape is impossible. She belongs to Nikolai who abuses her in unspeakable ways. He's a villainous master and head of the Mikhailov family. She has learned to live the life of a slave, complacent in her misery, until a new captive arrives and changes everything.

Ezra has just been violently kidnapped and brought to the Mikhailov family home. He is given to Anya as her new dance partner. Sarcastic, stubborn, and impulsive, he refuses to recognize a master, but Anya knows her fate rests in his hands. His cooperation is crucial to their survival. If their performance at the next quarterly meeting of the four families doesn't meet Nikolai's strict expectations, it could mean death for them both.

As Anya tries to break Ezra into compliance and train him in her style of dance, her walls are broken down, and a bond unlike any other is formed.

It's dangerous to fall in love when you're a slave.

Content Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, violence, and mature themes including scenes where consent is not sought or given. The author in no way condones such heinous acts, but rather seeks to immerse the reader in the true horror of the characters' experiences. Book two, Dance with Death, contains suicidal themes. Book three, Pas de Trois, contains a traumatic birth scene. This is your trigger warning—reader discretion is advised.

Series Note: The Four Families is a continuation trilogy following the same couple in their fight for love and freedom from captivity. The books are not standalones and they must be read in order. This omnibus contains the complete trilogy, ready for your to binge read!

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★★★★★ "I am sure this story will be imprinted in my mind forever...I want to recommend this story full-heartedly...lovers of dark romance, don't think twice...read this book and get lost in the world of these dancing soul mates." -Lilith Seven, Goodreads Review-

★★★★★ "It has been a very long time since I read a proper Dark Romance and very few authors do it well but Brynn has certainly ticked all the boxes for me and is up there with the best authors in this genre and yes I mean Pepper Winters (who is Queen of this genre for me)." -Kelly, Goodreads Review-

★★★★★ "It was achingly dark, disgustingly dark (and I mean this in a BRILLIANT way). I literally read the entire book with wide-eyes and my hand over my mouth in shock. This book is what Dark Romance is made of!!" -Boys in Books are Better Review-

★★★★★ "I felt every single emotion for her. Her pain was my pain. Her fears become my fears. My heart pumped, my gut ached, and my soul cried out for her in this book. I felt like I was living her hell with her." -Andrea, Goodreads Review-

July 15
Brynn Ford
Draft2Digital, LLC

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