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Dr. Angela Webber's plan was simple. Get her staggering student loans paid off by working in rural North Carolina for a few years, and then move on to bigger and better things. Maybe then she could find a man. She had a great mentor. The town she was stuck in was a complete joke, but such is life. Then, along came a patient that medical school hadn't prepared her to deal with. The patient's mother was asking her to teach the boy something most boys learn how to do quite naturally ... something extremely intimate. It didn't help that Holly, her horny nurse, urged her to proceed with the treatment. It didn't help that her mentor wasn't available to advise her. It didn't help that the "boy" was at least twenty, and built like a bull ... all over. And it didn't help that one treatment didn't seem to be quite enough. Most of all, what complicated things was the difference in cultures, between an educated young woman and a high school drop-out from the hills. Angela and her patient couldn't have been from more different worlds ... and yet they had more in common than anyone could have dreamed. In the end, all the doctor could do was hold on tight as the emotional rollercoaster she found herself on rocked her world and threw her into the arms of the man she didn't know she was in love with.

Warning: This is adult literature, intended for an adult audience. Of a highly erotic nature, the language used in this book, and the scenes depicted, are not suitable for those under the age of eighteen.

Fiction & Literature
July 31
Robert Lubrican
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