The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance

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Publisher Description

An empowering message about the true meaning of prosperity—to help anyone achieve a life of spiritual and material abundance.

Imagine if you could achieve a life of true prosperity, enjoying:
- A vitally alive, healthy body through which you experience relationships that are always satisfying and intimate, honest, and nurturing
- Work you love so much that it's not work, it's play
- All the money you can spend

Living at this exceptional level is not only possible—it's right there for you, Edwene Gaines explains, if only you abide by the four spiritual laws of prosperity. Gaines, an ordained Unity minister, has been delivering her inspirational, life-changing message to audiences of all faiths at workshops across the country. Explaining the four spiritual laws, she shows why it is essential to:
- Tithe to the person or place where you have received your spiritual nourishment
- Set clear-cut, tangible goals
- Forgive everyone all the time, especially yourself
- Seek, discover, and follow your divine purpose, which will help you to assign significance to your life and bring a passion to all that you do

The solution to financial problems lies within, Gaines insists, and here she shows you how to raise your abundance consciousness and free yourself from a life of deprivation and want.

Health, Mind & Body
September 3
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

money Mike 6920 ,

Great book

Changed my life

Freezeburn314 ,

I Love It. I Love It. I Love It!

This book is one of the most absolutely PERFECT books I have ever read. There is nothing you can add to it. There is nothing you can take away from it. It’s just perfect. I have already read some of the books she recommends at the end of her book and I am VERY familiar with her belief systems but there is something very magical and special about how she tells me (what I already know and should be doing) in such a way that a little light bulb just goes off. And I’m finally like, “I get it! I get it! I totally get it!”....... I don’t care how many times you’ve read Think & Grow Rich and listened to The Strangest Secret and read Rhinoceros Success and The Game Of Life And How To Play It..... I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care! — READ THIS BOOK!!! THISSSSSSSS BOOK! it is the missing puzzle piece that will put it ALL together! You will not regret it.

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