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LEROY MERIWETHER'S COLD CASE SEEMS TO BE GOING NOWHERE . . . UNTIL PEOPLE START DYING . . . IMPORTANT PEOPLE. A murder victim is discovered in a shallow grave in southern Georgia. The skeleton turns out to be that of Billy Howell, a well-liked business owner thought to have died in a boating accident 25 years earlier. Under appreciated detective Leroy Meriwether’s investigation reveals that Billy was involved in gambling and drug smuggling. As the various layers of deception are stripped away, a drug kingpin unleashes deadly violence on the small community of Brunswick, determined that his involvement remain secret. “Rodney Page has written a taut murder mystery that will have readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. The book is set amidst the steamy creeks and marshes of the Georgia low country, and I could almost catch the scent of pluff mud and small town corruption leaking from the pages. You'll never guess the ending. Put this one on your must read list.”—Ronald Paxton, Author of Silent Waltz. The Fourth Partner is another excellent novel from Rodney Page. Page remains true to his style of witty prose, fast-paced story, strong plot, well developed characters, and authentic dialogue. What’s not to like? When aging Homicide Investigator Leroy Meriwether gets landed with the case of his career, it turns into a Pandora’s Box of trouble affecting not only his job, but his life and the lives of those he holds dear. Forgotten local personalities grow in wealth and power but remain bound by the secrets of their past. The Fourth Partner is a great reminder that the seeds we sewed long ago, often grow their own roots and affect the winds and paths that direct our lives decades later. Read this book. When you finish you’ll thank me for the recommendation and, like myself, be forever hooked on Rodney Page’s writing. This book is Georgia’s Peach for 2016.—C. G. Carey, Author, Temporary Problems “The Fourth Partner hooks you on page one and leaves you reeling at the end — the perfect murder mystery.”—Stephen Doster, Author, Jesus Tree.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 8
Rodney Page
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