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"Faeries liked to tease the weak, but they loved to annihilate the strong."

Seven years ago, the exposure of the paranormal led to the tumultuous downfall of human society. Now, the legions of the fae rule a broken Earth, and humanity has nothing left but a handful of protected cities and a heaping helping of regret.

Enter Vincent Whelan. Half fae and former cop, he's become the best-known stretch scavenger in Kinsale, North Carolina, braving the "stretches" outside his city to recover precious items lost in the collapse. But when a new job with an odd twist blows onto his doorstep, Vince finds himself unwittingly drawn into a vast conspiracy lurking beneath Kinsale's thin veneer of civilization.

An old enemy of the fae is out for revenge, threatening the tenuous recovery of Earth. A new enemy sits on a near horizon, threatening everything that stands in its way. And Vince, caught between his damaged loyalty to the human world he calls home and his distrust of the faerie world that abandoned him as a child, finds himself standing at a fateful crossroads.

If he accepts the burden the fae seek to place on his shoulders, he may end up getting burned, along with all that he holds dear. But if he refuses to answer the call, everything else may burn in his place.

This box set contains the first four novels of The Frost Arcana, an action-packed urban fantasy series set in a post-apocalyptic world: What Fate Portends, What Man Defies, What Gods Incite, and What Dawn Demands.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 15
Knite and Day Publishing
Knite and Day Publishing

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