The Futility of Loving a Soldier

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"This is an outstanding collection of stories about veterans of wars. WW I, Nam, WW II, Desert Storm and more. All of them will tug at your heart and make you realize that some vets never get over the traumatic events of war (or their service)." ~ A Navy Vet...VT town

[Literary, Women's Fiction, Anthology, War, Veterans, Relationships]

The stories in this collection explore the physical and psychological effects of combat, both on those who serve and those back home. Told from the points of view of spouses and children as well as the soldiers themselves, the stories tackle eleven different scenarios spanning five American wars. Guilt and acceptance, despair and hope, selfishness and sacrifice, and above all, love, blend together as characters come to realize maybe their feelings aren't futile after all.


Eleven stories of what it means to love a soldier:

A girlfriend explains why she knew her boyfriend wouldn't come back from the front.

A stranger reminds a veteran what matters in life.

A wife struggles to trust her husband with their baby after he returns from deployment.

Old friends search for a way to reclaim the dreams and plans of their childhood.

A woman haunted by her experiences finds an unlikely ally.

One man's enlistment creates ripple effects for generations as four sons seek to make sense of what they and their fathers are fighting for.

"The Futility of Loving a Soldier" by E.D. Martin

Evolved Publishing presents a collection of interconnected short stories, focused on the difficulties of maintaining relationships with troubled soldiers who've returned from war, from the author of the women's fiction novel "Yours to Keep or Throw Aside". [DRM-Free]

What Others Are Saying About "Yours to Keep or Throw Aside":

"Redemption. This was the first word that occurred to me with the last sentence of the book. Redemption for what we've done; redemption from what we've suffered. ...a touching story of two people struggling to find their place in life and their true self, two souls which have suffered more than enough, two human beings who have discovered that we are the loneliest in our darkest hours." - Tsvetalina Baykusheva

"I got really invested in the characters, which is saying a lot for me... I don't get into book characters this much very often. I'm usually pretty heartless! This book was different. It stuck with me, so much so that I had to hound my best friend to read it so we could discuss it. It would be a great book club selection, and the author even includes some questions for discussion." - Charlie

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