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The one word I didn't think I'd have to accept so soon—retirement.

Never playing again was my new reality, along with all the other symptoms that came along with my career-ending injury. 

Just as I'm learning to deal with my new normal, life throws me another challenge, but this one might just be the game-changer that alters my life for the better. 


I've always been focused. School. Graduation. Opening my own business. 

I didn't see myself settling down anytime soon, I had an empire to build. 

I definitely didn't expect a newly retired hockey player would bulldoze his way into my life. 

Maybe it's time I focus on more than just my business.

The more time we spend together, the more I realize I can have more than one focus. 

Sometimes, when one chapter closes, it makes room for another…

September 17
Samantha Lind
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Romance213 ,

“You came into my life when everyone I’d known was falling apart.”

I really enjoyed John and Jill’s romantic story!! From the moment they met, Jill became a calming influence for John which he very much appreciated. She never treated him as if he was sick and never felt sorry for him. I could feel how upset John was after his doctor’s appointment when he realized his career was over. Running into Jill at that point was a godsend and she didn’t hesitate to help him. Ms. Lind described his emotions perfectly and I felt so bad that he was suffering. Jill never flinched when John shared his diagnosis with her and it was as if he knew he had met the woman he had been searching for. Their romance was positive, uplifting and it seemed as if they had known each other forever. The concussion issue and the research behind it is extremely important and is prevalent in all sports. Ms. Lind did an excellent job explaining the symptoms, treatment and prognosis. John had some bad days in between all the good ones, which showed us that you can lead a normal life as long as you listen to your body and your doctor. I am so glad John decided to use his diagnosis to help other players, and educate young hockey players just starting out. With Jill by his side, John could do anything and instead of being sad about the future, he could only smile with happiness.
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